am i doing this right?

so i’ve never had a blog before, i guess it can’t be a whole lot different from writing in a diary right? except the whole world now can read what i say. it’s an interesting concept i guess. lets hope im doing it right !

yesterday was a long day. got up at like 640 for my 7 am final, rushed all the way to campus for my teacher to tell me i don’t have to take it. i saw a quick glance of the test too; it didnt look pretty.

i was able to eat TWO bowls of spaghetti, which is a big accomplishment if you look at my track record of eating during these past couple of weeks. we went to the gym and i spent a combined 30 minutes of a stationary bike. ive got to look into what other pregnancy workouts i can do cause i get outta breath pretty easy.

and thennn i got to eat some blue bell mint chocolate chip ice cream. he kept telling me no when i asked if i could have some, but i guess he caved in and let me have it 🙂 i told him that maybe the baby wants the ice cream and thats why i wanted it too, but i don’t think he believed that 😉  either way i got the ice cream and i was a happy camper.

and now today is saturday and i got to sleep in. what a wonderful feeling to wake up WHENEVR you want, not bothered by an alarm, and to know that you have no worries, just a day all to yourself. i am officially done with fall semester and don’ t have to think about finals, or projects, or homework or any of that. i think i rolled out of bed somewhere around 12 and laid in bed for a long time thinking about all the things i could do with my day that don’t involve schoolwork at alllllllll. it was a really nice feeling. i would have laid there for a long time but my little pregnant bladder had other ideas 🙂


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