lazy days

today was a lazy day. laid around, put away some laundry, played cards with him, and went for a walk around the neighborhood (check for doing some exercise)

the real highlight of my day was going out to eat. i have not been out in so long, i didn’t even know what to do with myself. the night was almost alien to me! my “morning sickness” normally has been worse at night so i’ve pretty much made a nice dent in my bed by sitting at home doing nothing these past few weeks except going to school and work. i’m sure my friends have forgotten what i look like by now. i’m hoping when i reach that 12 week mark that i’ll have more energy and less nausea. one of my aunts was telling me today that she threw up every single day for 9 months when she was pregnant with my cousin O_O. lets hope i’m not one of those lucky few.

i’ve been craving mashed potatoes and occasionally steak lately so we went to applebees. they do that 2 for $20 deal where you get 2 entrees and an appetizer so it was a win. except my lemonade was sour. that was a fail. i couldn’t finish all my food but who cares i was outside the house for once!  and with leftovers for later.


i’m gradually noticing that i can eat a little more too. other than dinner at applebees, today i had a bowl of frosted flakes, a cinnabun and some ice cream. not the most nutritious diet ever i know i know, but its more than i’ve been able to keep down and i’m working my way up to eating like a regular person again. baby steps, baby steps  (no pun intended)


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