bowties or barrettes?

this question has been plaguing us for a while now; bowties or barrettes? are we going to be buying basketballs or barbie dolls? is our little angel a beautiful prince or princess? ugh the wait is killing me! i know that we only have another 4 weeks to go (im 12 weeks today yay !) but 4 weeks seems like such a long time away especially when i want to know now.

today wasnt a good day in terms of what i ate, because honestly i didn’t eat a whole lot but im hoping tomorrow will be better. what did make today good was i saw a lady at work that i know who is a little further along than me. as i normally pass her desk while she’s sitting down i never noticed the beautiful bump she now has. i went over to talk to her and give her congrats and tell her im expecting too.

because we work in a male-dominated field, ive been struggling with how to tell people at work my good news and wondering how maternity leave works. the policies were hard to find she said, so i was glad i had found someone that could help me. we talked for a GOOD minute about our experiences so far and she gave me some good tips on things i need to look into like daycare, putting together my registry and how to announce my news to the office. success.

she also told me that she took the gender prediction test that we were skeptical about. she said it worked for her and for a lot of her friends. it put me back to wanting to know the gender ASAP. i also read somewhere about doing a test with baking soda and urine and another with cabbage juice and urine… dont know how effective/accurate those really are but they could be fun to try? or we could just wait til we have the 16 week ultrasound -__-

but i want to know now 😦