sorry this post was supposed to go up last night but i was super tired. first of all a thank you to everyone that has read and/or followed and to those of you that have commented. we appreciate all your love and support ❤ thanks for being there for us during this amazing journey! 🙂

this week i am excited cause our families will be here 🙂 well his and my mom and brother anyway. theres nothing that can compare to spending time with the people you love. that being said we went to dinner with them yesterday. it was funny cause i was just telling him i want to go to joes crab shack when this nausea stage is over. not two minutes passed and his sister calls and asks where is there a joes crab shack !! that’s like a sign right?!  i figured i would give it a try (lately the smell of fish makes me feel weird) but with me feeling slightly better and wanting some crab i couldn’t pass it up…

and im glad i didn’t



we did the lobster daddy feast which comes with a full split lobster tail and 1 1/4 lb snow crab. OMG it was so good. and be proud, i kept it all down! 😀 baby steps i tell you.

and even though i’ve been eating a little more, i still haven’t forgotten that we want to know the gender. we heard of a couple of fun home tests that we can do.

the baking soda and urine test had some inconclusive results. if it fizzes it means boy but if it doesnt it means girl. i didnt think it fizzed but he saw bubbles. we looked up some videos and one lady used baking powder. OMG it fizzed but since i was skeptical i made him try the test too. it looks like both me and him are having little boys lol. the cabbage and urine test came out purple which most people say means little girl. the chines calendar test came up boy 4/5 times. (this one confused me because i would think there should only be one chinese calendar test and if so then how did we get different results using different sites??) (also we tried to see if it worked for us, apparently i am a boy and he is a girl- that gave us a good laugh)

the last test we tried was the ring test. i’ve heard about this one because my mom said it worked for me, my brother and i think some of my aunts) what you do is take a ring, put it on a chain and hang it above your belly (or some people use it over your open palm) and see how it moves. if it swings back & forth – boy, in circles -girl. this test was realllllyyy freaky. we tried it a few times and every time we saw it swing back and forth. just to check i made him do the test too, the ring DID NOT MOVE. and as soon as we put it back over my stomach it would swing back and forth!!! we did the test for his sister to see and we took turns with our hands, it would stop when his hand was under it, and swing back and forth when mine was under it. so the consensus from most of the tests we did said we are having a little boy.

i know that some of these tests are “old wives tales” but whose to say that they are wrong…