a week later…

i feel like my last post was so long ago. maybe a lot has happened since then. i think its a little of both.

he graduated last friday 🙂 so we had family in town and of course had to celebrate and spend lots of time with them. we ate, we celebrated, we talked, we laughed. i had fun, we even did the ring test for them to see. we went to a carnival and they went on a few rides, and we kept picturing that we will be doing this again soon with our child. [insert warm fuzzy feeling here]

ive been eating a little more some days since last week but other days still not so much. i think its safe to say im over the morning sickness, but now i have some acid reflux; ugh if its not one thing its another right? the berry tums my cousin sent in my care package have helped with that though. i promise the other night i was up til after 2 with that uncomfortable feeling in my chest trying to prop myself up on pillows so i could fall asleep.

i also woke up yesterday morning with a stuffy nose feeling like im getting sick. ugh no fun. you can hear it when i talk that im a little congested so ive been trying to drink water and stay away from milk and i slept with the humidifier on last night. i just hope it goes away soon.

in brighter news, i reached 13 weeks yesterday. hellllllooooo second trimester! bring on the appetite and the pound a week im supposed to gain. hello to the nursery and baby shower planning, and to the need for clothes that will fit my expanding tummy. today we went shopping for each others gifts, and someone in a store i went to asked me if i was having a boy or girl 🙂 i smiled cause i guess im showing more than i thought. i told him i dont know yet, i want a healthy baby but it would be nice to start picking out nursery decorations and baby clothes 😀

im going to put up a few pics from my past few absent days soon!