christmas… kinda

so i don’t know what it was about this year that just didn’t make it feel like christmas, it could be cause i did my christmas shopping super late, or cause i haven’t watched any xmas movies (still searching channels for home alone), but maybe its cause its still like 80 deg outside and christmas is less than a week away. (i still have yet to see snow but i wasn’t holding my breath for that anyway)

so because i am super “corny” as he says, thoughtful is more like that, i decided we should decorate just a little before going home. i got this little, maybe a foot tall, tree that came with a little string of lights and put it on the dresser next to the bed. i got a couple of little gold ornaments too but they looked a little big for the tree so they’re hanging out in the box still. maybe i’ll take them home, i know my mom has a real tree lol. and then i got a 5′ string of little snowflake lights from ikea which were supposed to stick on the window behind it. key word here is supposed to, the little suction things wouldn’t stick so i gave up and lined them on the windowsill. i also got us two plain red stockings to decorate 😀

i thought we’d do something different and celebrate christmas together, like just us. we’re starting a family so i thought it would be cute if we had our family xmas first (as in before we celebrate it for real with the rest of our family), so i made him pretend that yesterday was christmas eve and we exchanged one present then and the rest this morning. we made the cookies from my cousin’s care package last night as we decorated our stockings and watched back to the future movies.

decorating stockings

i was pretty crafty before so i already had all the paint and brushes we needed. we had fun trying to decided what to put on them so i ended up doing a snowman, christmas tree, and santa with his reindeer flying into the night.  i did all the lights on my tree in pink and blue since we don’t know if its a boy or girl yet lol. he did a christmas tree with falling snow and a candy cane at the bottom.

here is the final product :

finished product

when they had dried a little i hung them on the dresser drawers under the tree and put the gifts on the floor under the stockings. when without, improvise.  we waited til midnight and exchanged a gift, in his case i let him open the two that could fit in his stocking.

i know he thinks i’m corny but i think one day we will look back on this day and smile. like i always tell him, we are in the process of making memories.


3 thoughts on “christmas… kinda

  1. granny says:

    What a wonderful idea, and so meaningful. Yes, you will look back on these two days and remember every little detail.
    Love you both plus the little one. A true miracle.


  2. amy says:

    This is such a wonderful post. These are wonderful times and you are enjoying them to the fullest it seems. Bee, hopefulky you’ll get to see your snow and realize that whike its pretty while falling its overrated. Lol
    Kiss my son for me and have him kiss you.


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