these are late

so i know i said i was going to post a few pics from when i disappeared for a week..

[the graduation pics are on my camera so those will have to come later. ]

the first one is of the awesome and super thoughtful care package my cousin sent me. i actually didn’t open it at first because i thought it was a fedex package that i was expecting from my job and since i already knew what was coming i didn’t bother to check it when i saw it at the door. even if i had read the label it didn’t have her name so i would have been clueless still.

when i finally did open it, i was surprised to see it wasnt what i was expecting at all. she had wrapped everything in this beautiful green tissue paper and there were these little “baby” confetti things in the box.


every item was thoughtful and meaningful from the Tums which saved my life from this acid reflux, to the journal to document my experiences, to the massage package to help relieve my backaches and sore feet  🙂 she is the cutest. (made the cookies last night and they were amazing, chocolate chip are the best kind of course)

and this next pic is for those that wanted to see a pic of my tummy ….

drumroll pleaseeee


here is daddy giving kisses to the baby 😀

a friend had mentioned that i didn’t really look pregnant at all but of course at work im conscious to wear loose fitting pants and flowy shirts or long cardigans so no one has noticed that i havent told. of course when i pull my shirt up, or wear a more fitted shirt (like i did when we went xmas shopping) then my little bump is a little easier to see.


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