card crazy

thanks for all your comments and love and support 🙂 ❤ it means the world to me, also i comment back sometimes but i don’t know if you guys see them/get notified? let me know.

this week is kind of crazy, have homework due on thursday and have been trying to catch up on hours at work. still waiting on my bloodwork results grrrrr. i also have been updating the baby registry. and when i say registry i mean all 3. lol. yes we have 3 registries. don’t judge, it was better this way. we have one at walmart, one at target and one at babies r us and its all thanks to amber, she started it and i don’t know what i would have done without her jump start. i love her. [amber is dwight’s sister for those wondering lol] now that we know we’re having a little girl i can pick adorable little dresses and cute clothes for her to wear. i will admit i went a little click happy at first and had to relax and sit back and think about it. newborn clothes are generally up to 7lbs and most babies already come out heavier than that so i x’ed most of those and adjusted the sizes on everything else, i mean realistically you don’t take the baby out the house for the first couple months anyway and they grow so fast !

so that’s what i’ve been doing and trying to make sure i have all the necessary stuff (totally forgot to put a crib mattress, and mattress pads/covers!) see it pays to pay attention! i printed a checklist from babies r us and have been checking off what we have and what we still need to put on there and marking where each item is located. it’s tedious stuff but i like that i am becoming more aware of what is really a necessity and what is just something that would be nice to have. [ a coworker of mine told me it really hit her that she was having a baby at 5 months, lo and behold that’s what is happening to me too]

& since you guys apparently love the random little things i do, i figured id show you the two cards i made for some special people in my life. since i had the extra blank cards i wanted to do handmade birthday ones so here’s what they look like :




19 weeks

time is flyying, before i know it i will be graduating, we’ll be moving and then baby b will be here!

well doctors appt yesterday was good, he said everything looked good with my ultrasound and i heard brielles heartbeat on the doppler. but they don’t have my blood work results yet -___- and they did a pap smear -_____________- no fun

according to my babycenter app 19 weeks means her brain is developing areas for the 5 senses and some research suggests that she can hear my voice now (i thought i read somewhere else that she already could) her arms and legs are in the right proportion and she is starting to grow hair.

and on to the weekly update

How Far Along? 19 weeks

how big is baby: about 8.5 oz and approx 6 in head to bottom (that’s half a ruler!) (about the size of a heirloom tomato)

Symptoms: pretty much same as before backaches, headaches, insatiable hunger at times, interrupted sleep, being emotional while watching tv lol, forgetfulness, and i don’t remember the rest 🙂

Total Weight Gain/Loss: i didn’t do this last week but im up 3 lbs since my last doctors visit. i think i might just put my actual weight from now on. people can’t judge me im pregnant lol

maternity clothes? im able to wear some of my more flowy shirts and was still fitting my jeans without buttoning but im finding that most of them wont zip, not even a little

Sleep: interrupted. i have really real dreams, like the kind where you wake up and still wonder if they really happened. also i can only lay on my left side, but in the night it gets uncomfortable to always have my weight like this 😦

stretch marks? small ones

Food Cravings: ice cream, but i feel like i craved ice cream even when i didn’t have a bun in my oven. i like fries, and mashed potatoes,and pasta, and McD’s egg mcmuffins minus the meat. [ yes they are that serious]

Best Moment This Week: finding out that our baby is a girl and being able to familiarize myself more with her. instead of calling it the baby, our angel, etc i can now say her or Brielle or my little girl 😀

Movement: yes. lots

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl !!!!

Belly Button In Or Out? in

What I Miss: sleeping however i want, eating deli meat, being backache free, eating raw sushi. lots of it.

What I Am Looking Forward To: getting my bloodwork results back and getting my hair cut these prenatals have my fierce do growing like a wild lions mane

Milestones: finding out the gender and realizing that we are halfway there.

Weekly Wisdom: always check, if im not wearing my band, that my shirt covers my nonzipped pants and exposed panties O_O [dont ask]


Please don’t mind the public restroom pic 🙂



karman needs love too

sometimes i have these little fits of productivity, its like a need to clean and cook and bake and run errands and feel like i’m crossing things off my to do list. i don’t know what causes it exactly so i always try to use it to the fullest before the urge to lay and watch a movie or surf the web hits. i’ve so far made laundry detergent, a face mask and lip scrub, a room deodorizer and i’ve attempted at cleaning/packing things in our room. [we will be moving before my due date so before my belly becomes so big that i can’t see my own feet i want to do as much for the move as i can] i also made the gender reveal cards in my previous post and have been in a little bit of a card making kick since i have extra blank ones…

and i decided karman needs some love too. Karman is our little Chiweenie (sp?) she is adorable and smart and running out of treats. soo why not make her some?! they are kind of outrageously priced when you get them in the pet store and since im in the DIY mood why not right?

i googled a couple of different ones that had common household ingredients but this one seemed the most basic and dogs love peanut butter so why not?

[ ] for those wondering

2 cups whole-wheat flour (i only had self rising)
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 cup natural peanut butter
1 cup low-fat milk


i combined all the ingredients til i got a nice dough and then using a can to roll the dough out so it was flat enough for my taste. it smelled really good, but i like the smell of peanut butter.


i used a circle cutter since i didn’t have a cute doggy bone one, and then a heart one when i had a small amount of dough left. i let em cook for like 15 minutes at 375 and then told myself two more minutes but checked 4 minutes later. the bottom were a little browner than the top but i wasn’t going for chewy cookie consistency anyway. it made two trays about this size.


and the verdict? well i broke it up into little pieces cause she only takes small bites and at first she just sniffed and walked away 😦 i was a little heartbroken, i put some work into these bad boys and i made them especially for her.

and then she came back and took a piece, and took another and another until it was done. i gave her another one and she ate that too. mommy is satisfied 🙂 and she is too !


so i know that everyone has been DYING to know, i don’t blame you we were too. im sorry for making you all wait, like i said i wanted to do something cute. i wanted to give you something to look forward to other than a phone call. i wanted it to be a little personal, so i handmade everything.

[ i originally intended on sending out more but with my senior design presentation today and having to work and make them all i was on a limited time budget. especially with everyone calling and texting and needing to know, i could only make a few 😦 ]

since you’re probably wondering what im even talking about lol here it is:

The front


The inside


say hello to our little baby Brielle ❤ she’s expected to arrive June 25, 2013.


why it pays to pay attention

so today i had to give blood, and lots of it. its just routine pregnancy bloodwork but i didn’t realize how much blood they would take. im all for tattoos and piercings but try to take my blood and i freak out just a little. but for this little one, i will do anything so bring on the needles and vials i said. i had never given so much blood at once (8 vials) so i took a picture to document the experience.

20130124-195140.jpgat the end of the blood draw, the phlebotomist (person who takes the blood- gonna call her phleb for short) is supposed to show you that they are stickering your blood vials with your name. after all this could be life changing once they run those tests ! i thought it was odd, that tgirl told me that the phleb took too many. i didnt recall her adding any extra vials before drawing my blood, so it should have been just 8. she had 4 vials with a red and black top but i could have sworn i only was supposed to get 3 taken. i told her my concern but she said oh no its fine, its not bad if we have more blood than we need, and we sticker them so they don’t get mixed up. i wasn’t relieved so after i left i checked my picture and saw that she only had 3 vials like i remembered.

i went back in and tried to explain that i wasn’t crazy but i think there was a mixup. she said no we sticker them so you know which one yours is and she would dispose of the extra so i could see. she didn’t understand that i meant that i thought my sticker on someone elses vial. i showed her my picture and explained to her and picked one of my vials off the rack to check and sure enough the phleb had accidentally put my sticker over someone else’s sticker. imagine if i had just left and didn’t think twice about it! what if they tested the other person’s blood and my doctor called and told me i had some crazy rare disease and they started treating me for it !!! its not just me they would have been misdiagnosing, i got a baby trying to develop here ! she asked if i wanted to get redrawn but having not eaten and having taken out so much all at once, i said no not right now. so appointment tomorrow to give some more blood. :/

and in the future i wont ever feel bad about asking my questions.


You really wana know

I know you want to know, I wanted to know, and now that I’ve had the ultrasound appointment – I know. And he knows. And the lab tech knows. And for you cuties that keep calling and texting my mom- she doesn’t know lol. Yes I have kept it from her too. I promise she really doesn’t know, she did try to find out, I do admire her perseverance and determination but I didn’t let the secret slip.

I really don’t mean to tease you guys I just wanted to do something cute. All this Pinterest searching and I find all these cute ideas that I HAVE to try, and we didn’t do cute pregnancy announcements and we can’t have a gender reveal party so let me be a little cute and do a gender reveal another way. I promise you’ll know soon.

I can tell you however that the baby is 8 oz, and is a beautiful little angel. I almost didn’t find out actually; baby’s little legs were closed. The lab tech eventually gave me an answer though. I also got to see the heart and its four chambers, the two little feet, the long legs, the ribs and spine and kidneys and the arms and hands. Love. Love. Love. All we want is a healthy baby and I know that’s all you want too, so be happy for now that you know that much; that our baby is healthy and beautiful.
Doctors appointment next week, and giving blood today.

T-Minus 60 minutes and counting

OH.MY.GOD. There is literally 60 minutes standing between knowing.
I couldn’t sleep last night and have not been able to focus on anything all morning. Why did I set the appointment for 1:00 and not some earlier time?!!! ughhhh

bowties or barrettes the question will be answered soon 😀 😀 😀

and for those that want to know.. you guys will have to wait just a little bit longer. let me be cute. you’ll see why.

18 weeks

another week down. according to my readings:

the baby is approx 5.5 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper), and almost 7 oz. (although some sources say 5 oz) and is busy flexing its little arms and legs (and yes i can feel this). if its a girl then her uterus and fallopian tubes have formed and are in place, and if its a boy his genitals are now noticeable. [ we will know tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!]   the ears are in their final position, and the baby has their own unique fingerprints.

also found out why my back has been hurting so much. its because my uterus is now about the size of a cantaloupe and is causing my center of gravity to shift (if i wasn’t clumsy enough already) and is pushing my lower back forward and my abdomen out (so people can now tell im pregnant and not just eating very well lol) also there is joint-loosening pregnancy hormones floating around in my body adding to the muscle and ligament pain.

and on to the weekly survey

How Far Along? 18 weeks

how big is baby: about 5.5 inches long and 7 oz

Symptoms: um backaches, interrupted sleep, vivid dreams, a little bit of fatigue – a nap a day is almost necessary though not convenient for getting things done, forgetfulness?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: umm ill update this tomorrow when i get to use a scale

maternity clothes? not yet, still working with what i got

Sleep: interrupted. the baby moves a lot and it keeps/wakes me up. not as frequent urination thru the night though, but i cant get a good deep sleep it seems like

stretch marks? small ones

Food Cravings: umm sometimes cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes

Best Moment This Week: realizing that while my boobs are now huge, my belly seems to stick out even more.

Movement: yes. lots

Labor Signs: no


Belly Button In Or Out? in

What I Miss: him, sleeping in and being able to sleep however i want, eating whatever i want, jacuzzi tubs, wearing whatever i want

What I Am Looking Forward To: the ultrasound tomorrow to tell us if its a boy or girl

Milestones: ummm idk

Weekly Wisdom: always sleep with a pillow in between my legs, it seems to help.