and im back

so over the christmas holidays i decided to take a little break, which meant no work, no thinking about school and unintentionally no blogging. but im back. back to work, back to school and back to blogging.  and today was officially my last first day of school. well for undergrad at least. potentially thinking about getting my masters but thats not what im worrying about now when theres so many other things that need to be thought about.

so while i was on my little blogging hiatus i spent a lot of time sleeping in (considering i will never again be able to sleep in like this once the baby is here) and because it felt nice to not have to be up at any particular time. (the downside to this is now that I am back to having a schedule I am not pleased at having to listen to an alarm ringing so early in the morning) we also spent time with family and progressing into the second trimester. 😀

speaking of second trimester tomorrow is officially 4 months / 16 weeks whatever you prefer. only 5 more to go and we have a doctors appt this wednesday which meanssssss we could potentially find out if we will be buying bowties or barrettes.  the anticipation is killing me. over the break we saw all these adorable little baby clothes that we wanted to get but a lot of things seem to be very gender specific so we abstained. in good news i have been eating a little more, with the exception of when I’m feeling the acid reflux pains. we have found that the acid reflux is the worst after i eat things that have a lot of cheese. 😦 sighhhh, i love cheese.

also in good news i was laying on the couch when i felt something in my tummy. i wasnt sure if it was just my dinner that was being digested or minor gas pains but i told him it could the first baby movements that i feel. 😀 he listened to my belly and he said he could hear something in there. after reading somewhere that some people say it feels like popcorn popping, or butterfly flutters, or gas pains and after discussing it with my mom.. i think i did feel the baby moving.  ❤