5 to go!

so today is officially 4 months. eeeek. insert super excited face HERE.

that means 5 more to go, which means im almost halfway there, which also means baby bump will be getting exponentially bigger really soon. according to my babycenter app which is pretty informational [ also spams my email account regularly], the baby is about the size of an avocado. [O_O they must mean the small avocadoes and not the big green ones im used to ] they say the baby is about 4.5 inches long and about 3.5 oz. they also said baby will be doubling in size really soon. doctors appt is scheduled for tomorrow so fingers are crossed on being able to find out the gender.

we also started looking into day care facilities. i dont know how i feel about giving my child to strangers so soon, especially since none of us were in daycare that young [everyone i know had someone to take care of them when their parents had to go to work, me and my siblings had my grandma for example. but without any close by family to lean on for help day care it may have to be…]

we’re looking at our options so far but man its a lot to consider. a lot of them require you to let them know MONTHS in advance to hold a space since the infant program tries to maintain a 1:4 caregiver to baby ratio. then there’s the weekly cost, but you must bring your own diapers and food so it adds up. and you don’t want to leave your baby with just anyone so you want to make sure its a safe facility. one place which we both really liked had cameras in the classrooms so you could at any time check in and see what your little one is doing. [ we asked at another place if they did that and they said no for security reasons. i guess i can see why some parents don’t want people they don’t know potentially checking in on their child butttttt i like knowing that who ever is watching my baby is in plain view of me seeing them if i want to at any given moment] it was funny, the director that was giving us the tour called him “dad” during the tour and he repeated it kind of like wow i guess i am dad. i don’t know i thought it was cute C: it hits me every now at odd times too. once my belly gets really big i think the full magnitude of it all will truly sink in.