my first step into homemaking

so as i slowly become more domesticated i find myself doing things more around the house. ive dabbled in some things like candle making, art projects, jewelry making, sewing, scrapbooking  and of course the normal experimenting in cooking and baking. i remember years ago i just could not understand how my mom and aunts could sit and watch HGTV ALL DAY. like it just didnt make sense, it was so boring watching people redoing their bathrooms and updating their landscaping. where was the drama? the storyline? the action?!  that was back in the days and now HGTV is probably one of the 3 channels that i know by heart, (the other 2 are ESPN, when i watch TV with him, and the number that starts the movie channels lol). i love watching home renovations and critiquing people’s design choices i even notice stupid little things like the tile choice in public restrooms or if there’s a backsplash in the kitchen. we’ve pretty much planned out most of the design details of our house when we are ready to buy one. (side note: we love “Love it or List it,” “House Hunters Int.” and “Million Dollar Rooms”)

even before i got the positive pee test result, i noticed my priorities were changing, with the new love for DIY and crafting and i was thinking more about maintaining a household and all that comes with the “woman’s job.” ( i know i didn’t do much of this in my first trimester and i am so very appreciative that he was such an amazing partner at that point. [i love you])  and then after i discovered pinterest. i mean i had stumbled onto pinterest but never signed up. i heard it was addicting that you could get sucked in, and lets be honest i didn’t need another reason i didn’t want to study. but recently i signed up on pinterest and i began to think i could do anything. i promise that’s what it does, it makes you feel like anything you see is something you can make. im completely fine with that, especially because i love doing crafty artsy things and if it will save some $ here, it means i can spend that somewhere else.

so a couple days ago i ran across a recipe to make your own laundry detergent, i was intrigued. it involved melting down soap and adding some other ingredients and seemed like a little lengthy process but i tucked it away in my head for later thought. and then i ran out of laundry detergent lol. randomly browsing pinterest today i ran across a dry version of it. it seemed a lot easier than the original i had found, success. i made my trip to the store!.. i’ve never been one to follow a recipe to the T, unless its from a family member, so i looked up a couple of other “DIY dry laundry detergents” and gauged my own proportions:

2 bars Fels-Naptha soap (in the laundry aisle)

5.5 cups borax

5 cups washing soda

1.5 cups oxi clean

1 cup laundry crystals

jar to put it all in

photo (1)

i grated down the 2 bars of soap and mixed in all the dry ingredients. easy as that 🙂  it made more than this 2 qt jar would hold so i put the extra in 2 large mason jars that i had and added a little scoop for when i do laundry. all the recipes i found said that you only need 1-3 TBSP depending on how dirty the load is so hopefully this works.