17 weeeeks !!

woooo hooo. another week down. lots of fun things happening this week: feeling the baby move around [ a lot], eating everything in sight, and running errands. ok the last one wasn’t really that fun but at least im being productive. i also have more DIY projects in mind including some beauty stuff cause let’s face it, i deserve to feel and look pretty after everything the first trimester put me thru.

also finally told my boss that i am expecting; i was nervous on how my job would take it… he was happy ! he told me not to worry about anything to take all the time i need and if i need anything to reach out to him. big sigh of relief. job security is a big worry especially in this day and age and i wanted to know that my job would support me and obvious need for maternity leave and still have my position when im ready to come back. of course im awesome and they want me to come back 😉 – but i was worried working in a male dominated field/ job that it would be hard to find support or help in my situation.

back to baby: so according to my babycenter app the baby is roughly 5 inches long (although other sources i’ve read say longer, one said about the size of my hand !) and the baby weighs about 5 ounces. also the baby’s cartilage is changing to bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. the baby can move his/her joints and is starting to develop sweet glands and suck his/her thumb. can you see the hearts in my eyes?

browsing thru some other mommy-to-be’s blogs i found a girl who did a survey at the end of her weekly update. duhh why didn’t i think of that? it’s a good way to see for myself the weekly changes i’m going thru. i googled some weekly pregnany survey questions and i think i found the same set of questions she used. welp i didn’t want her to think i stole her survey idea entirely lol. (her blog is http://newlymrsbrooks.wordpress.com/ in case you wanted to check her out, she’s due the day after me!) i found another survey so i combined the two and will track all these weekly.


How Far Along? 17 weeks

how big is baby: about the size of my hand, and 5 ounces

Symptoms: umm lots of very vivid dreams and interrupted sleep, occasional acid reflux (mostly when i eat things with lots of cheese), incredible appetite, discomfort in my lower belly, BACKACHES, headaches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: well i think i lost 5 lbs in the first trimester, and i think ive gained back 3 or 4 lbs

maternity clothes? soon, i already can’t button my pants and had to get bigger bras

Sleep: ehh, im not as tired (thankfully) as i used to be but im only supposed to sleep on my left side now. i sleep but i can’t say it’s always restful. also i don’t get up multiple times in the night to go pee, maybe just once.

stretch marks? um not really but i’ve been trying to use bio oil and another pregnancy salve on stretch mark prone areas twice a day. maybe a few on my new boobs

Food Cravings: um eveerything? lol. i’ve been trying to eat more fruit and slowly work my way into the world of vegetables but i feel like i’ve been eating a lot more so its a success. i do however feel for pasta a lot.

Best Moment This Week: realizing the discomfort in my tummy, lower belly area to be exact, was feeling the baby move <;3 <;3

Movement: yes lots, not exactly kicks or anything definable but discomfort and no i don’t know how better to describe it although i did try

Labor Signs: nooo

Gender: in one week and one day we will know!!!

Belly Button In Or Out? in

What I Miss: him, sushi, coffee, taking hot baths, margaritas with the girls, fitting into my pants

What I Am Looking Forward To: finding out the gender and this weekend

Milestones: getting back my appetite and some of the energy that i thought would never come back

Weekly Wisdom: carry snacks everywhere. lots of them. and a hairtie, to close my pants, for when my bella band wants to rise up and show the world that no i did not zip my jeans up. -___-

Updated 1/16/2013 to add a belly pic !! I know it’s long overdue.
Please don’t mind my messy room or desperate need for a haircut I am quite aware of both 😉