just cause i’m pregnant doesn’t mean i shouldn’t feel pretty

i updated my last post to include a belly shot in case you were wondering what my little bump looks like 😀


so for those who don’t know what it’s like or for those who are lucky to have not experienced it, pregnancy did some crazy things with my hormones. for some things that was ok with me, but for others not so much like my face for example.

i was never really acne prone when i was a teengaer. luckily i only had to expect a small breakout in periods of high stress so not very often. i have combination skin and for the most part it was pretty clear. during my first trimester however with the insane range of hormones coursing through my body i realized that it was causing my skin to breakout and i didn’t like it.

when i was feeling particularly not pretty i would try to cover the areas with makeup and he didn’t like that. he told me that he loves me the way i am and that im beautiful and don’t need makeup and he doesn’t like when i wear so much. we had a talk about this because as girl i still love to collect lip gloss and put on eyeliner and get dolled up every now and then. what he really didn’t like was me putting powder and blush and trying to cover my skin with products. [ i love him for loving me just the way i am] i agreed that he’s right i don’t need to put all that stuff on my face so i stopped and have been keeping a conscious effort to get my skin back clear again. i still wear eyeshadow, and eyeliner and lip stuff, no i didn’t go all au naturale. but my skin still needs to be treated right so every so often, today included, i like to make a face mask and do a lip scrub.

Lip Scrub

note: i always use this before using any type of lipstick especially bright colors like red!! i hate the look of dry chapped lips with lipstick, and it makes applying so much easier with clean dead-skin-free lips.

1/2 tsp honey

1/2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp lime/lemon juice [ i didn’t have any fresh to use this time. when without, improvise]

i put all the ingredients in a little bowl and use my finger to rub the scrub all over my lips. i literally rub and scrub my lips raw. and then i wash it off.

WARNING: this lip scrub tastes good, you’ll want to eat it after you smell it. but since its all edible ingredients, go right ahead 🙂






Banana Face Mask

I had an overripe banana and i already made banana bread, so next best thing 🙂 i used to just mash the banana and apply directly but i found this recipe which i tried today (the original recipe calls for twice the amounts i used, but a whole banana is too much for a face mask soooo i cut it down)

1/2 banana

1/2 tbsp honey

5 drops lemon juice