fresh smells make me feel better

so we live in a townhouse that has a nice layout but is seriously lacking in natural lighting, and artificial lighting for that matter too. it drives me crazy. i hate walking downstairs in the morning and it looking light night. like it seriously drives me crazy, i try to open the blinds every morning to the backyard so sun can make it’s way in the house for both purposes of light and for airing the house out. i don’t think some people realize the difference in the way a house that’s closed and dark smells and a house that’s open and filtered with light. i notice. something about a nice smelling house just makes me feel better. call me crazy, whatever.

during the first trimester it was really bad. like really really bad. the heightened sense of smell was insane. it doesn’t help that there’s no window in our kitchen. i could barely step near the kitchen before the overwhelming urge to vomit came over me. luckily we have a half bathroom directly across from the kitchen, which i grew to be very well acquainted with during this time. a lot of mornings i couldn’t even toast a pop tart by myself without the nausea immediately affecting me. i would walk down the stairs, holding my breath the entire time and he would tell me to go wait outside while he fixed me breakfast. [ i told you i loved him right?] this was our morning ritual. we even went so far as to clean out the entire fridge one day. like we took out every single shelf, every single item in the fridge and cleaned down the entire thing. we threw out a good 93% of what was in there. it helped with the smell.

now that im over the nausea im glad that i can be in the kitchen again but i still have a pretty keen sense of smell. i try to light candles occasionally, sometimes burn an incense, i even tried purging the dishwasher with vinegar and then baking soda. in comes my new slight obsession with DIY and baking soda = a DIY room deodorizer !

because baking soda is like good for everything i bought the big box (so i added some to my laundry detergent), i keep a small amount in the fridge, and made a room deodorizer (and am currently searching for other things i will use it for). super simple to make, and less expensive and more efficient than other room deodorizers. what i used:

Baking Soda Room Deodorizer

a small jar

baking soda

essential oil ( i had lavender)



i filled my jar about halfway with baking soda and then added about 12-15 (maybe more who knows) of my essential oil.

i took the jar top and tried to hammer holes into it so the lid could be on but the magic would still work. FAIL.

i cut some pretty scrapbook paper and poked holes in that to use as a top instead. i could only find masking tape and it didn’t want to cooperate so fail again. whatever i only wanted a top so in case the jar tipped over or something. i ditched all forms of lids and just put it on top of a bookcase, no biggie, maybe it’ll work its magic better without a top on.



One thought on “fresh smells make me feel better

  1. granny says:

    You are so clever. I shall try the deodorizer since I bought one
    of those with the little bottle of liquid to plug in and it does nothing. Love


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