why it pays to pay attention

so today i had to give blood, and lots of it. its just routine pregnancy bloodwork but i didn’t realize how much blood they would take. im all for tattoos and piercings but try to take my blood and i freak out just a little. but for this little one, i will do anything so bring on the needles and vials i said. i had never given so much blood at once (8 vials) so i took a picture to document the experience.

20130124-195140.jpgat the end of the blood draw, the phlebotomist (person who takes the blood- gonna call her phleb for short) is supposed to show you that they are stickering your blood vials with your name. after all this could be life changing once they run those tests ! i thought it was odd, that tgirl told me that the phleb took too many. i didnt recall her adding any extra vials before drawing my blood, so it should have been just 8. she had 4 vials with a red and black top but i could have sworn i only was supposed to get 3 taken. i told her my concern but she said oh no its fine, its not bad if we have more blood than we need, and we sticker them so they don’t get mixed up. i wasn’t relieved so after i left i checked my picture and saw that she only had 3 vials like i remembered.

i went back in and tried to explain that i wasn’t crazy but i think there was a mixup. she said no we sticker them so you know which one yours is and she would dispose of the extra so i could see. she didn’t understand that i meant that i thought my sticker on someone elses vial. i showed her my picture and explained to her and picked one of my vials off the rack to check and sure enough the phleb had accidentally put my sticker over someone else’s sticker. imagine if i had just left and didn’t think twice about it! what if they tested the other person’s blood and my doctor called and told me i had some crazy rare disease and they started treating me for it !!! its not just me they would have been misdiagnosing, i got a baby trying to develop here ! she asked if i wanted to get redrawn but having not eaten and having taken out so much all at once, i said no not right now. so appointment tomorrow to give some more blood. :/

and in the future i wont ever feel bad about asking my questions.



4 thoughts on “why it pays to pay attention

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    Wow, amazing . My darling u ask questions until u feel comfortable that’s ur right. I’m glad that u didn’t give up and moved on. Go girl. U are awsome😘


  2. Amy says:

    Excellent story! I’m so happy you stuck to your guns and asked voiced your concerns. Too many times when we go to the Dr. we trust that they aren’t going to make mistakes. The people who work in those offices are human just like we are. They aren’t perfect– glad you spoke up!


  3. granny says:

    Wow! Scary! You are so right is pays to keep asking questions, especially if you are not comfortable with what they are doing. So many people have been mis-diagnosed and can suffer for it.
    Taking pictures is also very intelligent and diligent of you. Keep up the questions even if the person gets frustrated. Love you so much.


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