You really wana know

I know you want to know, I wanted to know, and now that I’ve had the ultrasound appointment – I know. And he knows. And the lab tech knows. And for you cuties that keep calling and texting my mom- she doesn’t know lol. Yes I have kept it from her too. I promise she really doesn’t know, she did try to find out, I do admire her perseverance and determination but I didn’t let the secret slip.

I really don’t mean to tease you guys I just wanted to do something cute. All this Pinterest searching and I find all these cute ideas that I HAVE to try, and we didn’t do cute pregnancy announcements and we can’t have a gender reveal party so let me be a little cute and do a gender reveal another way. I promise you’ll know soon.

I can tell you however that the baby is 8 oz, and is a beautiful little angel. I almost didn’t find out actually; baby’s little legs were closed. The lab tech eventually gave me an answer though. I also got to see the heart and its four chambers, the two little feet, the long legs, the ribs and spine and kidneys and the arms and hands. Love. Love. Love. All we want is a healthy baby and I know that’s all you want too, so be happy for now that you know that much; that our baby is healthy and beautiful.
Doctors appointment next week, and giving blood today.


5 thoughts on “You really wana know

  1. Taylor says:

    Whichever the gender is, glad to hear the baby is happy and healthy! We were going to keep it a secret for a bit, but then we were just way too excited not to share.. (neither of us are really that good with secrets lol)


    • Bianca says:

      lol i know the feeling ! everyone has been asking me cause they know i know! it has taken everything to make sure i dont slip and accidentally say he or she. the people i wanted to be cute for should find out by tomorrow afternoon so ill post about it after the cat is out the bag 🙂 congratulations on baby ava !


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I tried to get her to tell me because I was sure that u told her as your mom but she did say that the secret was between u, daddy and the doc☺ I cannot wait for tonight to be over very excited. Thank u for the special time, it’s all worth it. Love u 😍


  3. granny says:

    You know how patient I can be,but ….just now a knock on the door and behold the FedEx was there. Congratulations, love the names. I won’t say more for now since many will not yet know. I want them to be as excited as I am now. Love, Love and more


  4. Francoise says:

    Yes, you are so right, and although everyone cares, well, no one really cares that it is a boy or a girl. The baby is just welcome.
    When I became expectant of my third child, my mother wanted to come with me for the sonogram. I did not really care about the gender, although a girl would have been lovely after 2 sons.
    When mom came out sobbing from the Doc’s office where she had forced her way in … And threatening him of cutting all family ties with him ( yes, we are kinda related ) I immediately knew it was a boy! It did not matter at all as I had already fell in love with little toes on the sonogram!
    So, just enjoy your pregnancy, every week of progress, and keep writing please.


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