karman needs love too

sometimes i have these little fits of productivity, its like a need to clean and cook and bake and run errands and feel like i’m crossing things off my to do list. i don’t know what causes it exactly so i always try to use it to the fullest before the urge to lay and watch a movie or surf the web hits. i’ve so far made laundry detergent, a face mask and lip scrub, a room deodorizer and i’ve attempted at cleaning/packing things in our room. [we will be moving before my due date so before my belly becomes so big that i can’t see my own feet i want to do as much for the move as i can] i also made the gender reveal cards in my previous post and have been in a little bit of a card making kick since i have extra blank ones…

and i decided karman needs some love too. Karman is our little Chiweenie (sp?) she is adorable and smart and running out of treats. soo why not make her some?! they are kind of outrageously priced when you get them in the pet store and since im in the DIY mood why not right?

i googled a couple of different ones that had common household ingredients but this one seemed the most basic and dogs love peanut butter so why not?

[http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2007/11/03/gone-to-the-dogs/ ] for those wondering

2 cups whole-wheat flour (i only had self rising)
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 cup natural peanut butter
1 cup low-fat milk


i combined all the ingredients til i got a nice dough and then using a can to roll the dough out so it was flat enough for my taste. it smelled really good, but i like the smell of peanut butter.


i used a circle cutter since i didn’t have a cute doggy bone one, and then a heart one when i had a small amount of dough left. i let em cook for like 15 minutes at 375 and then told myself two more minutes but checked 4 minutes later. the bottom were a little browner than the top but i wasn’t going for chewy cookie consistency anyway. it made two trays about this size.


and the verdict? well i broke it up into little pieces cause she only takes small bites and at first she just sniffed and walked away 😦 i was a little heartbroken, i put some work into these bad boys and i made them especially for her.

and then she came back and took a piece, and took another and another until it was done. i gave her another one and she ate that too. mommy is satisfied 🙂 and she is too !