19 weeks

time is flyying, before i know it i will be graduating, we’ll be moving and then baby b will be here!

well doctors appt yesterday was good, he said everything looked good with my ultrasound and i heard brielles heartbeat on the doppler. but they don’t have my blood work results yet -___- and they did a pap smear -_____________- no fun

according to my babycenter app 19 weeks means her brain is developing areas for the 5 senses and some research suggests that she can hear my voice now (i thought i read somewhere else that she already could) her arms and legs are in the right proportion and she is starting to grow hair.

and on to the weekly update

How Far Along? 19 weeks

how big is baby: about 8.5 oz and approx 6 in head to bottom (that’s half a ruler!) (about the size of a heirloom tomato)

Symptoms: pretty much same as before backaches, headaches, insatiable hunger at times, interrupted sleep, being emotional while watching tv lol, forgetfulness, and i don’t remember the rest 🙂

Total Weight Gain/Loss: i didn’t do this last week but im up 3 lbs since my last doctors visit. i think i might just put my actual weight from now on. people can’t judge me im pregnant lol

maternity clothes? im able to wear some of my more flowy shirts and was still fitting my jeans without buttoning but im finding that most of them wont zip, not even a little

Sleep: interrupted. i have really real dreams, like the kind where you wake up and still wonder if they really happened. also i can only lay on my left side, but in the night it gets uncomfortable to always have my weight like this 😦

stretch marks? small ones

Food Cravings: ice cream, but i feel like i craved ice cream even when i didn’t have a bun in my oven. i like fries, and mashed potatoes,and pasta, and McD’s egg mcmuffins minus the meat. [ yes they are that serious]

Best Moment This Week: finding out that our baby is a girl and being able to familiarize myself more with her. instead of calling it the baby, our angel, etc i can now say her or Brielle or my little girl 😀

Movement: yes. lots

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl !!!!

Belly Button In Or Out? in

What I Miss: sleeping however i want, eating deli meat, being backache free, eating raw sushi. lots of it.

What I Am Looking Forward To: getting my bloodwork results back and getting my hair cut these prenatals have my fierce do growing like a wild lions mane

Milestones: finding out the gender and realizing that we are halfway there.

Weekly Wisdom: always check, if im not wearing my band, that my shirt covers my nonzipped pants and exposed panties O_O [dont ask]


Please don’t mind the public restroom pic 🙂