card crazy

thanks for all your comments and love and support 🙂 ❤ it means the world to me, also i comment back sometimes but i don’t know if you guys see them/get notified? let me know.

this week is kind of crazy, have homework due on thursday and have been trying to catch up on hours at work. still waiting on my bloodwork results grrrrr. i also have been updating the baby registry. and when i say registry i mean all 3. lol. yes we have 3 registries. don’t judge, it was better this way. we have one at walmart, one at target and one at babies r us and its all thanks to amber, she started it and i don’t know what i would have done without her jump start. i love her. [amber is dwight’s sister for those wondering lol] now that we know we’re having a little girl i can pick adorable little dresses and cute clothes for her to wear. i will admit i went a little click happy at first and had to relax and sit back and think about it. newborn clothes are generally up to 7lbs and most babies already come out heavier than that so i x’ed most of those and adjusted the sizes on everything else, i mean realistically you don’t take the baby out the house for the first couple months anyway and they grow so fast !

so that’s what i’ve been doing and trying to make sure i have all the necessary stuff (totally forgot to put a crib mattress, and mattress pads/covers!) see it pays to pay attention! i printed a checklist from babies r us and have been checking off what we have and what we still need to put on there and marking where each item is located. it’s tedious stuff but i like that i am becoming more aware of what is really a necessity and what is just something that would be nice to have. [ a coworker of mine told me it really hit her that she was having a baby at 5 months, lo and behold that’s what is happening to me too]

& since you guys apparently love the random little things i do, i figured id show you the two cards i made for some special people in my life. since i had the extra blank cards i wanted to do handmade birthday ones so here’s what they look like :