out of commission

so i’ve been a little quiet on the blog. sorry about that things have been a little crazy for me so that’s why i’ve been out of commission. my 21 weeks post was supposed to go up on tuesday lol and i think i posted it friday night..

last week:  i got sick last week and have been dealing with trying to feel better [ afrin works miracles if you cant breathe by the way].  i had two tests that i needed to get ready for and then the charger for my laptop battery died. the tests are out of the way thankfully, im feeling mostly better and luckily my job is well equipped to fix my broken power adapter cord. sooo im back 🙂

also had my doctors appt today. just a check up really. i’ve gained about 5 lbs since my last appt which was 3 weeks ago and my urine and blood pressure looked fine. he measured my belly and he said im right on track for where i should be and he listened to her heart beat which was good as well, 146 if you were wondering 🙂 (it brings one of the biggest smiles every time i get to hear it. ) other than that he didn’t have much to say except see you in 3 weeks and that i can take zyrtec/claritin for the congestion and sinus pressure.

22 weeks post tomorrow


2 thoughts on “out of commission

  1. granny says:

    I am so glad your doctor told you that you could take something for your cold. You can non aspirin for headaches also, or back ache. tylenol for instance has no aspirin. You do not need to suffer while pregnant. Ask your doctor, a glass of red wine once a month does wonders.
    Love G.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better, try ur best not to take any of these meds, they do help u feel better quick but your body will fight it on its own, just drink ur oj in the morning (better if fresh squeezed) take ur vitamins and use Vicks to help u breath and warm ur chest 😊it does help. I can’t wait to see u and rub that belly and feel her kick😍take care my darling 😘


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