Q & A

since ive been pregnant ive been asked a lot of questions and i thought i’d share some of the q & a’s for ya

Q: do you have any weird cravings?

A:weird cravings? not really i mostly eat the same stuff i ate from before i was pregnant i just now want it REALLY BAD. mostly i’ve noticed i have been into cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes and chocolate milk, pasta [especially with alfredo sauce], the purple bag of skittles, sour gummy worms, pringles, mint chocolate chip blue bell ice cream [and we just tried mint cookies & cream and its also amazing].

Q:what does it feel like to have something move inside you?

A: crazy. like there’s something that is ALIVE. INSIDE. ME. i love it though, the thought of life moving inside you, there’s nothing that can compare. sometimes she moves really low in my uterus and it makes things uncomfortable but i love feeling her move so trust me im not complaining. i love putting my hands on my belly and feeling where her little body is poking out.

Q: Did you get bad morning sickness?

A: Oh. My. ___. YES. it was horrible. i was nausea all day everyday and didn’t want to eat anything, like even the stuff i liked two days before i didn’t want to eat anymore. raw eggs and chicken made me want to throw up, and so did the smell of the kitchen [see my DIY room freshener post lol] also sometimes i would smell people’s food and that made me want to throw up, and so did the smell of cooked fish. brushing my tongue made me throw up and sometimes i think i just threw up just because. i tried crackers but those got old really quick, ginger ale was cool but it wasn’t that healthy to just drink ginger ale for breakfast, lunch and dinner. come to think of it i don’t really remember what i did eat for breakfast lunch or dinner during the first trimester. i do however remember seeing dwight smile so big the first time i ate pizza. it’s like i made his year because i finally was eating something lol

Q: Did your belly button change?

A: i’ve always had an innie. a couple of weeks ago i started to notice that it seemed wider, like i could see in it better than i ever had which also means i got to clean it better too lol. but the past few days i’ve noticed that it seemed to get smaller.. is it just like it was before? i couldn’t tell you- i got used to the wider new version. i think more likely its starting to get smaller cause its pushing out.

Q: Are you going to breastfeed?

A: yes! i believe breastfeeding is better for both mommy & baby so i am looking into everything necessary [including nipple shields, nipple cream, and these little nipple cap things for sore nipples. and of course breast pumps] i’ve located the mothering room at my job and have heard of a tea and pill that can be taken to help with women that aren’t producing enough milk. do i know that those things work? nope but it doesn’t hurt to try if i need the extra boost. also i hear breastfeeding burns a lot of calories so it helps with losing the babyweight 🙂

Q: How are you going to deliver?

A: i have no idea. honestly the thought of a human head coming out of my vagina scares me just a little. i mean i wince putting a tampon up there but i would prefer to do things the natural way unless it is deemed absolutely necessary to do a cesarean. my doctor said it’s something we’ll discuss when we get closer to the due date. which in case you were wondering is in 3 1/2 months 🙂

Q: When’s the baby shower?

A: another good question. its looking like i will  be having two, one here cause my friends want to do one and one back home. the here one will most likely be mid-April, so its before graduation and finals but also before everyone goes their separate ways for the summer. the one back home  will be mid-May after my graduation but before i start working full time.

and for those lovely folks that can’t make either but still want to get something we have registries with either of our names at Target, Walmart and Babies R Us  and some of the items have a ship-to-store option.

Q: Are you scared or nervous or excited?

A: umm all of the above mostly :). its not really something you can prepare for at all so its all new and at times overwhelming. there’s so much to think about it and try to get ready for but im excited more than anything else. everyday is a day closer to meeting our little beautiful  baby 🙂


2 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. granny says:

    What a lovely summary of all the things you have gone through and still have to expect. So, So happy to know you want to breast feed. Hope you enjoy the book I sent you.
    Just love reading your blogs.
    Love you


  2. erickamcuvilie says:

    Yesterday I made my husband drive me across town to a Jamaican restaurant just to get some rice and peas. We left there and I had him stop at Checkers to get a cheeseburger. My meal really wasn’t a meal, but it was what I wanted. As we drove home, I ate everything. When we got home, I ate three kosher-dill pickles.


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