Muffin tin meatloaf

So today was my run errands day, and tomorrow will be too. i did some more organizing/cleaning of things in the house [nesting still in effect] and took care of a couple things i had been meaning to do. i wanted to try something different for dinner today and i remembered i had some ground beef ive been meaning to use…

now ive never actually made meatloaf probably because i generally use the oven just for baking but i have been trying to perfect my oven-for-cooking-skills before Bri gets here because popping something in the oven is less time consuming. and less stressful then having to watch her and watch the food cooking on the stove. maybe i should look into a slow cooker? i heard the ninja pot is pretty cool too.

anyways like most of my other doings, this meatloaf was pinterest inspired. ran across a site that said to cook it in a muffin tin. of course! this drastically cuts the cook time, which is perfect cause my little bump keeps me hungry most of the time. and it makes the meat loaf look a lot prettier, not that it really matters what it looks like cause its all going in my belly anyway, but i thought they were cuter. instead of doing a whole meat loaf in a bread pan for an hour i cooked my little patties in my muffin pan for 20 mins. these little versions also make a great option for freezing extras for later use.

i didn’t actually know what should go in it and i didnt get to go to the grocery store so i threw some seasoning, minced garlic, an egg, and some crushed up saltine crackers [from my nauseas days !!]. they came out moist and delicious, and even my vegetarian room mate said they smelled good 🙂 .

[in case you were wondering i also made some roasted potatoes which i cooked in some of the empty muffin spots and some broccoli & cheese.]

mama & brielle are both satisfied. 😀



3 thoughts on “Muffin tin meatloaf

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    Lol we are on the way to the comedy club and all I could is lol. I love the idea good for lunch. You are something else 😊keep up the good work. 😘


  2. granny says:

    Never heard of doing muffin meat loaf, but it look good enough to eat before cooking it. The ingredients all sounded perfect. Next time you could add a little tomato sauce, or ketchup. Bravo! my love keep up the good works. Love you and send kisses.


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