23 weeks

so in a week i will be 6 months. [opens eyes wide] they say senior year goes so quickly, graduation in 65 days not that i’m counting, so maybe its that but i feel like this pregnancy is flying by as well. i feel like just yesterday we were making the calls to notify family & friends. any who i’ve still been nesting and wanting to bake and cook and organize. and sleep. i miss sleep. sleeping while pregnant is not what i thought it would be. i had this strange misconception that i would try to get in as much sleep now because once shes here i’ll never sleep the same again but honestly its hard. the first trimester all i wanted to do was lay in bed and i slept but lately i can’t get comfortable or stay asleep. sometimes i’ll wake up to pee, or i’ll wake up cause i’m hot and uncomfortable or i just can’t sleep in anymore. sighhhh. but my little bump is growing and so is my appetite lol.

according to my app: she is now more than 11 inches long and weighs more than a lb. she can also feel me dance [lol i guess she can feel me walk too then? (it says her sense of movement is well developed now)] the blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for her breathing and her hearing is becoming more keen [her cochlea which is the inner ear mechanism has fully formed- this houses all components of hearing] so she hears what i hear 😀 but at a different level cause she also hears my muscles, tissues, placenta and amniotic fluid. bit noisy i guess. and it says i can look forward to the possible swelling of my feet and ankles. [oh joy.]

How Far Along? 23 weeks

how big is baby: around 11 inches and weighs more than a lb (weight of a large mango)

Symptoms: fatigue, nesting, back aches, all the time hunger, forgetfulness..

Total Weight Gain/Loss: i really need to find a more accessible scale.

maternity clothes? yeap, ill be needing larger shirts soon too.

Sleep: i have trouble sleeping in even when i’m really tired. sleeping on my left side is the most comfortable for long periods but occasionally i’ll switch. i have lots of vivid dreams too. if i can work it in, i’ll try to nap during the day but it doesn’t always work out :/

stretch marks? nothing new

Food Cravings: sweet things mostly, but lately ive been wanting fruit and water. and caprese salad (idk why lol)

Best Moment This Week: dreaming about her pretty little face

Movement: she moves still but i feel like not as much as before, probably cause she’s getting bigger and has less space to move around. i try to pull my shirt up and see if i can see her moving but she always stops when i’m watching its like she’s shy 🙂 cause as soon as i stop looking she’ll move again. its like she’s playing peek a boo with me !

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl

Belly Button In Or Out? i think i will no longer have an innie by the end of the week. i swear it gets smaller by the day.

What I Miss: sleeping in! and sleeping peacefully! and being able to bend down and pick things up easily.

What I Am Looking Forward To: planning for her shower, finding a new place and being done with undergrad

Milestones: realizing i will no longer be a part of the innie club very soon, realizing im almost at the 6 month mark which means hellllooo home stretch aka third trimester

Weekly Wisdom: umm i feel like maybe i had some but i’ve been a little forgetful lol


these arent maternity jeans but stretchy leggings that come up pretty high so you might see the ridge, thats not my belly button poking out yet. and yes this is a public bathroom pic



4 thoughts on “23 weeks

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    Oh boy does time fly, mine is going to be 23 😒as u get older it seems to go even faster amazing . I remember as a little girl summer vacations seemed so long we had so much to do. Now I see skyler and his summers seem so short😊she will be moving higher in the coming months I guess to allow ur body to get ready for her arrival. When the time gets closer she will be moving down and in position😃 it’s the most beautiful feeling to have a baby in ur stomach, I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy😊😘


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Hello my love. Yes, time seems to fly much faster now than when I was younger. Did you get my attachments, especially, about the one to help you sleep better. Your body is botter when you are pregnant. I remember in winter in New York epecting Gilbert I wore summer clothes all the time, was always hot. Mine did not like when I lay on my back with a book on my belly, they would kick it off, not literally, though they tried. My best position was on the side with one knee bent up, on a pillow, and the other stretched out to the other side of the bed.
    I am so happy that you are enjoying your pregnancy so much, some people do not.
    Love to all of you


  3. pascale says:

    My little girl has gotten soo big and soo motherly. I remember when I was pregnant with u and enjoying everytime you kicked and moved around. I would want to hug my stomach all the time.BRIELLE Isa special gift and I cannot wait to hold her and tell her stories of her beautiful mom. I love u soo much and I am so happy and proud of you and the woman u have become.


  4. Aunty Aloun says:

    Hello my dear Bianca. What a wonderful experience you are having! Use a pillow as Granny suggested. I found it worked when I was pregnant with Doms. I magine both of you expecting a baby so close to each other. His girl friend is expecting in September! Mommy is going to be 80 before she has her first Great grand and then two within months of each other! Enjoy and thank god you are not going to be pregnant during the summer heat.


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