24 weeks

soooo im officially 6 months. that’s like mind boggling. we’re 2/3 of the way there already. O_O checkpoint reached. time to put things into high gear. we’ve been looking into places we want to move to and i’ve been actively planning out the details of both baby showers. plus thinking about graduation and trying to iron out the registry items and what we want her room to look like. i mean i know she’s going to be sleeping in our room but i want her to have her own room so we can  put all the other stuff in there. plus i want to decorate it lol.

sooo my app says that my little girl has gained about 4 oz since just last week! she’s just over a lb and almost a foot long. they say she will start to plump up now, and her brain is growing quickly and her taste buds are continuing to develop. her lungs are developing branches of the respiratory system and her skin will be changing soon to be less translucent. she’s starting to look more like the little princess from my dreams.

How Far Along? 24 weeks= 6 months !! woooooo !

how big is baby: almost a foot long (like an ear of corn) and just over a lb supposedly

Symptoms: fatigue, leg pains especially during sleep, back aches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: i really really need to find a scale but i know ive put on weight since the last time i checked

maternity clothes? still working with what ive got. fortunately i had a lot of “wife beaters” in lots of colors and they all seem to be long enough to still cover all my girls

Sleep: i have been able to sleep a little more on my right side lately. but i get leg pain during the night. mostly on my left side. trying to find a fix

stretch marks? nothing new

Food Cravings: ummm citrus fruit id say, and blue bell mint cookies and cream ice cream

Best Moment This Week: relaxing on my break

Movement: yes, not as much as before. guess she’s starting to get a little cramped in there. but my mom did get to feel her kick and she was super excited 🙂

Labor Signs: no

Gender: its a girl

Belly Button In Or Out? im slowlyy watching it inch closer to the surface

What I Miss: sleeping how i did pre preg,

What I Am Looking Forward To: planning for her shower, finding a new place and being done with undergrad

Milestones: hitting the 6 month mark. which means i got roughly 3 more months of my little bun cooking in the oven.

Weekly Wisdom: i still look good in a bathing suit 🙂