I know why pregnant women waddle…

I know why they waddle. And it’s not because their bellies are too big, or a baby is pressing on their bladder. It is because of hemorrhoids. And I can say that because I know -_-
I know its probably not PC to talk about it, since no one likes discussing those types of things but this is my blog and what i say goes…
It is the worst! You can’t sleep at night because you can’t find a comfortable position where it doesn’t hurt, you can’t sit like a normal person, you can’t walk right. It’s just horrible. Making a human being isn’t easy. I always knew that women were amazing and could withstand so much and had to ensure more then men but OH.MY.JEESUSSS.
If you have been pregnant or had hemorrhoids, then you know what I’m talking about. I’ve currently invested in preparation h, because apparently it can get worse during the third trimester and I’m trying to nip it in the bud now. Also icing the little monster. Now if the thought of icing your nether region seems alien to you or something you don’t think you could deal with, let me tell you that when you have a small balloon of your own skin rubbing in between your cheeks EVERY SINGLE TIME you move.. You will go to great lengths. Just remember that. The same goes for suppositories.

Hope this brought a smile or laugh to your day! But I promise I meant every word lol


Hello blood draw

Yep it’s that time again where I visit the blood draw place. I had to do my gestational diabetes screening and also some bloodwork to test the/for antibodies since I’m a negative blood type and will be getting that shot at my 28 week visit. Had to go back to the same place I did last time 0_o since its a newer less well known facility and I didn’t have the time to sit in the waiting room all day.
They give you this orange bottle of glucose that you have to drink in 5 minutes and then you gotta wait for an hour and they check you. Fun.


It doesn’t taste bad, kind of like orange soda or else I don’t think I would have been able to drink it in 5 minutes. We shall see how it goes.