29 weeks

ill update on life later. pregnancy wise:

her muscles and lungs are maturing and her head is growing to make room for her developing brain. during this trimester about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into her skeleton every day! her nutritional demands are increasing so i have to bulk up on protein, vitamin C, folic acid and iron.

How Far Along? 29 weeks

how big is baby: about 2.5 lbs (like a butternut squash) and a little bigger than 15 ” head to heel

Symptoms: fatigue, hunger, heartburn, nesting, forgetfulness

Total Weight Gain/Loss: umm idk where im at this week but in total ive gained at least 18 since pre-preg weight

maternity clothes? still working what i got but my choices are getting slimmer [the irony lol]

Sleep: i miss this. but yet im tired all the time. more irony. also when i do sleep i get leg pains in the night -__-

stretch marks? yes, ive spotted some on my back but considering how big my belly is im not completely surprised, i knew i wasn’t going to be that lucky

Food Cravings:lol, i dont even know. nothing crazy really just hungry a lot.

Best Moment This Week: my moms surprise party 🙂

Movement: yes, since they say she’s getting REM cycles of sleep in, ive gotten to the point where i know what times to expect her movements. i would say little movements but they arent that little anymore.

Labor Signs: no

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? i have almost joined the outie club

What I Miss: good restful sleep, eating sushi !!, walking like a normal person

What I Am Looking Forward To: being done with undergrad: 22 more days, doing the hospital tour.

Milestones: idk, remembering where i was in my train of thought when someone interrupts me? that counts right?

Weekly Wisdom: somethings pregnant women just shouldnt do... like put your jeans in the dryer, or try and paint your toenails

wee took this pic over the weekend and i kind of love it.



5 thoughts on “29 weeks

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    I love that picture 😊
    Are u eating your bananas or apples???? It will help with the cramps. Also waterrrrrr 😉
    Our princess is coming along just fine, can’t wait to see her 😘


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Love that picture too. Am sending many more of the party. You need to drink much more water, will help with the cramps. Especially drink a glass on waking in the AM, and one before bedtime. Love you, Dwight and little princess.


  3. pascale says:

    Even with all that.. you are glowing. Try to sneak in little cat naps here and there. They help ..trust me…its like eating every 3 hours lol. You are doing great and yes 22 days and cou ting. Things will seem a bit easier when you have one less activity to do daily….
    Love uuuuuuuu


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