ive been gone too long

i have been gone so long, and left my poor blog negelected and for that i am sorry.

i feel like there has been so much going on and so much to do and think about and all i have wanted to do is take a nap.

this is going to be a short post, just a quick update really.

so since ive been away… i have completed my senior design project, taken my final finals of my undergrad career, reached my 8 month in this pregnancy milestone (and missed two weeks of my weekly updates 😦 ) and found a place to move to!

i have also.. wait for it.. graduated college !!!!!!!!!! woo hooo, it was a longgg time coming but now im done.

and done with this post lol.




4 thoughts on “ive been gone too long

  1. pascale says:

    thats right babes. soooooo much …buttttt u r done. yayyyyyy completed a milestone and now u r ready to start a new chapter. ” your beautiful baby girl “.
    i cant express how proud of you I am. you are just amazing. i love u with all my being.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I was wondering where the blogs had gone ☺ its all done and worth every moment as it will be the foundation for a great career. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Lots of luck and success. Now is a new chapter that is about to unfold in your life, it’s going to be a special and fulfilling chapter in your life. I wish you all the happiness in the world and may God Bless you always . I love you. Auntie Nounoune😍😘💗


  3. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    I ditto the other two comments. You have done it, it has been hard, but I am sure you feel it was worth it. You have succeeded and now can go on to bigger and better things. I am the proudest grandmother in the world and love you sooooooooo much.


  4. Aunty Aloun says:

    Congratulations on all these milestones. You have many more to reach and accomplish in the years to come. Enjoy. Hope your final days of pregnancy will go swiftly and well.


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