34 weeks

soo i fully intended on writing more after i wrote that really short post a couple of weeks ago but there’s been a lot going on and im back at that point where im tired again. and i move so slow. like soooo slow. dwight keeps making fun of my waddle lol, i mean its hard to walk normal when there is human life in your uterus pushing on your bladder and when your back and feet hurt and you’ve put on this extra weight and don’t have the same center of gravity anymore. 😛

quick update that will require a longer post later: we moved into the house! we are living in the house ! and now we have to unpack and get her room ready. maybe ill post some pics so my out of towners can see? mind you we have boxes in a lot of places so it’d be like the work in progress cause we have plans for what we want to do. and of course we need to get her room ready ASAP.

according to my babycenter app: she is almost 5 lbs and almost 18 in long (there is a weight pool at my job for people trying to see how much she will weigh. someone put 11 lbs O_O ) she is developing fat layers which will help regulate her body temp after birth and which is helping fill her out and get beautiful and round. her central nervous system and lungs are maturing and ive pretty much hit that time frame where if she comes it will be preterm labor. i should get my hospital bag ready. also ive been seeing the doc weekly now so i know her world debut is approaching fast.

How Far Along? 34 weeks

how big is baby: almost 5 lbs, like the size of a canteloupe

Symptoms: FATIGUE, hunger, heartburn, nesting, forgetfulness, short of breath, back aches, slightly swollen feet and ankles,

Total Weight Gain/Loss: im up to 165…. id say in total ive put on at least 25 lbs

maternity clothes? yes.

Sleep: its hard to do sometimes even though im tired. sometimes its easier to fall asleep on my right side but then i feel like i get the acid reflux feeling so ill move to my left but its definitely a struggle every night.

stretch marks? yes 😦 colored ones on my hips and not as noticeable ones on my lower belly

Food Cravings: idk really i just want to eat

Best Moment This Week: moving into the house

Movement: yes, OMG sometimes i have to stop what im doing to hold on to something cause its so powerful.

Labor Signs: yes. hello braxton hicks, ive actually been having these for a little bit now but i havent done a weekly update in a while soo..

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? its pretty much flat and you can see it if my shirt is tight over my belly but i dont think it is technically an outie

What I Miss: walking like a normal person, eating sushi

What I Am Looking Forward To: having her room set up and the baby shower this weekend

Milestones: finishing with my undergrad career !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moving into the house !! reaching the point where she really could come any day now

Weekly Wisdom:um? make a list and dont stress if things dont get done


i will post a pic soon, i promise, but for real this time. oh and i should get maternity pics done asap. so much to do.


6 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. newlymrsbrooks says:

    I have developed a waddle too! And I’m SLOW!!!!!! It’s actually quite frustrating. Can’t wait to see the nursery and maternity pics. I have my maternity shoot scheduled for this Sunday 🙂


    • Bianca says:

      ahhh i havent even scheduled a shoot yet!! lol i hope yours is amazing 🙂 i found a lot of poses/ideas on pinterest if you havent thought about it yet


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    How wonderful to hear from you. Will see you this weekend, so in the meantime take it easy, do not stress out, things will all fall into place. Always have a sense of humour it helps to take away the stress. Love you


  3. Francoise L. Pean says:

    Hello Bianca, and thank you for the news which I love to receive.
    You are coming along fine, and will do fine I am sure.
    Now, you are really discovering why Mo thers are celebrated and respected in every culture around the Earth, and the best has yet to come…..
    Enjoy this periode of “expectancy” as much as you can. Brielle will be more present in your life every minute, and with every breath that you take, and it is going to be marevelous to have been one, than two, than one again. You will not miss your belly because you will have her in your arms.
    If you intend to breasfeed, start preparing your nipples by rubbing then roughly with a bath towel after your showers.
    If you think that some moments of the prenancy where more difficult than others… think again, the first 3-4 weeks of nursing will be even tougher, some times more painful but hang in there. If you survive it the first 6 weeks, you will survive almost, I mean almost anything, i life.
    After the delivery, especially if you intend to nurse, ask your Doc about Tylenol every 4-5 hours from the day after the delivery to the moment when the milk starts flowing freely.. . Makes a huge difference.
    Keep me postee, my love and congratulations to you and Dwight, I can imagine how impatien, you, him, Pas, Roby, Pat, Nounoune, Tony and the whole tribe are to see B.


  4. Sandra Carrie says:

    Dear Bianca,
    Cannot believe you are going to be a mom! It is amazing to see how you have matured
    Into a beautiful,intelligent woman!
    I am so sorry I will not be at the shower but
    Chelsea and hopefully your godfather will.
    Words of wisdom- be patient and enjoy it all
    Sit back and savor the moments, they go by quickly. Lots of love and happiness to you and Dwight in your new home with your new family.


  5. Genevieve laidley says:

    Hlo my darling it is do nice to read your blog again I missed it so much. Can’t wait to see you and Dwight this weekend. Time is getting closer, just relax and enjoy every minute as it is very special. Nothing in the world compares to having these feelings. It’s going to be great can’t wait. Eat and be happy😍 I love you. Uncle Mark sends his live.😘


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