35 weeks

so im trying to be better at blogging. thinking about changing the layout again and also plotting on how to decorate her room. we wanted to paint, but ive also seen “renters” wallpaper, heard of a method of starching fabric on the walls for decorations, and i have looked into wall decals. i think a nice tree in there somewhere would look pretty, ive noticed trees are pretty popular in nurseries? anyway my moms friend a couple of years ago made this beautiful tree on a wall using brown paper so it was 3D too. ive been toying with that idea.

babycenter app says: my uterus now reaches up under my rib cage [thats how she kicks me in the ribs !] and is crowding my other organs [ my bladder maybe? i feel like im peeing a lot]  if we could see inside, it would show theres more baby than amniotic fluid, which should mean she isn’t doing somersaults and stuff, but i think she is still, at least it feels that way. her kidneys are fully developed, and her liver can process some waste products. her main job now is to put on weight. which in turn means i will be putting on weight.

How Far Along? 35 weeks

how big is baby: over 18 inches long, and almost 6 lbs [a honeydew melon]

Symptoms: FATIGUE !!  swollen feet and ankles !! hunger, heartburn, nesting, forgetfulness, short of breath, back aches, trouble sleeping

Total Weight Gain/Loss: went to the doc and im at 168.2, that is 3 lbs up from last week and id say almost 30 lbs total weight gain

maternity clothes? yes.

Sleep: i toss and turn a lot trying to get comfy, i cant sleep without a pillow between my legs but i want to elevate my feet. its a struggle.

stretch marks? yes 😦 i need to find some pure shea butter

Food Cravings: idk really i just want to eat, and apparently thats all ive been doing. dwight was upset i wasnt eating anything the first trimester well it seems im making up for lost time.

Best Moment This Week: the baby shower we had this past weekend ❤

Movement: yes, OMG sometimes i have to stop what im doing to hold on to something cause its so powerful.

Labor Signs: braxton hicks, doc said my cervix is closed though and i have an ultrasound scheduled in 2 wks

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? its pretty much flat and you can see it if my shirt is tight over my belly but i dont think it is technically an outie?

What I Miss: walking like a normal person, feeling energetic, eating sushi

What I Am Looking Forward To: having her room done

Milestones: getting almost everything we need ? oh and reaching the point where they wont stop labor if i start.

Weekly Wisdom: take naps, make lists. who cares if you wear flip flops to work

hooray for bathroom pics again



2 thoughts on “35 weeks

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    You are just too much again! I would suggest that if you are planning on doing any painting you ask the landlord. A tree sounds really nice, there is nothing like nature to make you feel good, fauna or flora. Try some Linden Leaf tea before you go to bed, it is good, or Chamomile. Love always


  2. Amy says:

    You are so over the top lady! LOL. I love your enthusiasm and “artsy” side. Try and get as much done as you can cause you will be surprised how much time the princess takes once she gets here. Also, try and rest as much as possible because you won’t get much those 1st few months. Send pictures of her room!
    Love you guys lots!


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