36 weeks

apparently she is packing on the pounds still, about an ounce a day. and i think it is showing in my stretch marks 😥 ill load up on cocoa butter and shea butter and every thing else i can find when i get a chance. i dont think she’s “dropped” yet because i still feel kicks up in my upper ribs, and am still having a little shortness of breath. the heartburn has subsided somewhat though, happy for that. other than that im still at work and still trying to unpack the little boxes we have left. i want as little chores to do once she gets here.

How Far Along? 36 weeks.

how big is baby: over 18.5 in long and almost 6 lbs [ crenshaw melon ]

Symptoms: FATIGUE !!! swollen feet and ankles !!! hunger, less heartburn, nesting, forgetfulness, short of breath, back & foot aches, trouble sleeping

Total Weight Gain/Loss: im up two lbs from last week so im at 170. total weight gain of like 30-35 lbs?

maternity clothes? maternity pants for the win

Sleep: this is hard sometimes, sometimes one side of my body gets numb so i have to roll over but rolling over with such a big belly its hard to roll like that. my dreams are still crazy and vivid

stretch marks? yes D: wahhh

Food Cravings: idk really, just want to eat a lot

Best Moment This Week: having my family come up and help us unpack the house, take care of errands and set up her room ❤

Movement: yes, OMG i think shes trying to find her way out sometimes

Labor Signs: braxton hicks still, cramps and tighten of my belly at times. cervix is still pretty closed

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? i think its pretty much the littlest outie ever. i dont think its going to pop out like some peoples do

What I Miss: walking like a normal person, moving around quickly like i used to [getting out of a car is a process even], feeling energetic, eating sushi

What I Am Looking Forward To: having her room really done, like with everything in there. we got a lot done but theres the little touches i want to finish

Milestones: getting to the 9 month mark. O_O full term status next week!

Weekly Wisdom: take naps, make lists. who cares if you wear flip flops to work

my belly looks so bigggg



5 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. pascale says:

    soon you will be able to do all of the aboves. you have completed sooooo much..give yourself a pat on the back for jobs well done…you are AMAZING AND I LOVE UUUUU…..


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    I ditto your Mom, but, I add, you must rest more, especially in this last month. Also, are you doing your exercises, very important. With all three of my first kids I worked to the end, with Gilbert, just
    could not he was too big and, I was too uncomfortable.. But, I did not have to drive myself, be careful doing that. Love you more than you can imagine.


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