Oreo truffles

truffles are kind of a hit or miss with me. while they taste amazing sometimes they are so rich in flavor its almost a little intimidating. a couple of weeks ago, my friend made some oreo truffles for the girls at work and i was hesitant to try one. i had never heard of them and when she explained what they were made of i politely smiled and said id try one. she really is a sweetheart, but i am not a fan of cheesecake and it was sounding like oreo cheesecake balls. i took two to try and as i was walking away i was sooo upset i hadnt taken more. they were kind of amazing and not in an overpowering way! so ever since then i have had it in the back of my mind to try to make these little guys out.

oreos [i used regular double stuffed, but maybe ill try a diff flavor next time]

cream cheese [ i used both regular flavored and chocolate flavored. yes i meant choc flavored cream cheese]

chocolate chips [i used semi sweet]

double boiler [or a pot and like a glass bowl]

food processor/rolling pin

wax paper?


since i don’t have a double boiler, nor do i even know what one looks like. i put my chocolate chips in a glass bowl and placed that in a pot of water on the stove.Β  i needed to melt the chips out.


i also don’t have a food processor or rolling pin lol so i put my oreos in a ziploc bag (and let all the air out) and took a can and started to break down the oreos. the cream in the middle made the oreo crumbles get kind of clumpy in some spots so maybe next time ill take the cream out before and just mix it up together in the next step..


since i was using two types of cream cheese i separated my oreo crumbs into two different bowls. i added cream cheese to their respective bowls and tried to fold ingredients in so that i could roll little cream cheese oreo balls.


after all the chocolate chips had melted out i dipped the balls into the chocolate and placed them on the wax paper. this step was considerable messy for me as i tried using my hands to dip the balls at first. i ended up with melted chocolate chips, cream cheese and oreo crumbs all over. sorry no pics of this πŸ™‚ so after that i just used a spoon and rotated the balls in the chocolate.


when i was done coating all of them i put them in the fridge for at least an hour. we ate most of them and put the rest back in the fridge for later. they were yummmmmyyy


3 thoughts on “Oreo truffles

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    I shall have to try these. I have never seen chocolate cream cheese. Did you get it at a specialty store? My mouth is watering just thinking of them. Love


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