pregnancy update


i start my weeks on tuesday, so this tuesday i was 37 weeks, but i don’t see my doctor til wednesday or thursday so i have been waiting til those days to do my weekly update post… buttt i feel like there’s nothing wrong with a little midweek update..

i have officially hit the full term mark, that is mind blowing. where did the time go?! i really have to finish packing my bag and get her room ready and finish unpacking the house and put my birth plan together and [insert long list of household chores here] ! ahh so much to do, but i just want to lay down.. and other times i just want to cook and bake and eat lots of chocolate yogurt. sigh. no relax i’m really not freaking out that bad, it just puts things into perspective of what i really want to have done before we make it into the delivery room. like finish painting her room, and putting her clothes away. and get this baby bag that i think im in love with. well not really in love with, but it appeals to me way more than any other baby bag i’ve seen thus far.

took my group b strep test and came back negative. woo hoo. doc said it wouldn’t have been harmful for either of us if it was positive, just some antibiotics here and there but regardless i’m glad i’m don’t have to worry about it. also i have added more protein to my diet, like what someone suggested to me, and i have noticed that the swelling is not so pronounced. successssss.

also i was laying down on my side yesterday and i swear to Bob that i saw her head move in my belly. like i started to feel her move, and then i looked and it was like this half a baseball sized bump started poking out on my right side, i haven’t seen a bump so large so it freaked me out and in response i turned automatically and then after put my hand to feel. dwight wasn’t in the room so i called him in to feel it too. definitely was a head or a butt, more likely her head since i think shes been head down šŸ™‚ also my braxton hicks have been getting stronger and more “painful” and just this morning i think i’m starting to feel the “lightening” that people talk about? or maybe i’m just imaging it cause i’m excited..


2 thoughts on “pregnancy update

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Time is getting close and you will be wondering about every little twitch or twirk. I never did till
    the day of the birth, except with Gilbert, felt like the bone across the bottom of the belly was
    breaking. Be careful about what paint you are using, they say that green, because of certain
    compounds in it, is not good for pregnant women. I learnt that in Haiti.
    Love you


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