37 weeks

so i updated yesterday buttt heres my weekly survey stuff. ohhh doc said im 1cm dilated and 30-40% effaced. wooo hoo almost show time. ive gained 5 lbs in the past week and asked him about it since i was concerned but he said my blood pressure is great, better than his even, so he thinks right now its just the swelling. he said just make sure i watch my blood pressure and my vision and if anything changes give him a call. time to recheck that my hospital bag is really packed and clean the house cause im sure we will have lots of visitors very soon.

oh ! when i at the office [which also does gyn, family medicine and pediatrics] this random patient came and touched my belly ! it surprised me so i didn’t look at her crazy and also because she seemed so genuinely happy for me lol. she was telling all the nurses that i was almost there and they kind of just smiled and nodded cause they see me every week so they know lol,  and the random lady  told me ill be ready in a week O_O

ultrasound tomorrow

How Far Along? 37 weeks.

how big is baby: over 6 lbs but im sure ill find out more tomorrow

Symptoms: swollen feet and fingers and ankles, absentmindedness, nesting, tired, hunger [ they said i might not be able to eat as much cause she’s getting bigger but its not true -___- ]

Total Weight Gain/Loss: im up 5 lbs from last week so im at 175. total weight gain of like 35 lbs?

maternity clothes? maternity pants for the win, but one of them is feeling realllllyyy snug, thats what i get for getting skinny maternity jeans [rolls eyes at self], so i prefer yoga pants

Sleep: same. this is hard sometimes, sometimes one side of my body gets numb so i have to roll over but rolling over with such a big belly its hard to roll like that. my dreams are still crazy and vivid

stretch marks? yes D: wahhh

Food Cravings: idk really, just want to eat a lot

Best Moment This Week: finding out i started dilating !

Movement: yes, OMG i think shes trying to find her way out sometimes

Labor Signs: braxton hicks still, and cramps, started dilating and my cervix is a good percentage effaced

Gender: a little princess

Belly Button In Or Out? i think its pretty much the littlest outie ever. i dont think its going to pop out like some peoples do

What I Miss: being able to fit into my clothes ! lol

What I Am Looking Forward To: having her here

Milestones: being dilated and effaced

Weekly Wisdom: find someone to drive you where you need to go 😉 getting cramps and contractions while youre driving is kind of scary



3 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Very good idea to find someone to drive you around, especially now that you are dilating.
    Love you and know that she will soon be in your arms instead of the belly.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    At this point I would suggest someone drives u where u need to go. She is getting herself ready to come to this world to meet the whole family. WOW that’s awesome and I can’t wait 😁


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