Belly casting

I am the queen of crafts. Ok maybe not the queen but I love anything crafty and keepsake-ish so when I came across this idea of belly casting your pregnant belly I knew we had to do it. It’s really just making a mold of your belly and then decorating it after its done but its so cute to me. Anyway I’ve been talking about it forever and now that I know I’m dilating I knew we had to do it before we make it to the hospital lol. I could have bought a belly casting kit online or at babies r us but those cost upwards of $20. When it comes to crafts, I do my research. I found out that I could spend less than $10 and get the same result.
I went to michaels and bought plaster, I asked the girl for something called rigid wrap and got two rolls of the smaller size. They were $5 each and I used a 40% off one reg priced item so it came out to like 8.50$ for everything. That’s winning to me.
I sat on the kitchen island and put Vaseline over everywhere the plaster would go so we could get the mold off when it dried. Then Dwight cut the roll into strips, dipped them in warm water and laid them on me. It was an interesting and kind of messy project but it came out so cute. When it started to dry it kind of popped up a little bit so it gave the feeling of taking a band aid off almost?

I would advise anyone to sit in a comfortable chair for the drying process. It didn’t take long, maybe ten minutes, but I didn’t want to move for fear I would mess up the mold and I didn’t have anything to rest my back on so it was slightly uncomfortable especially for a person that is already slightly uncomfortable at this point in the pregnancy lol.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to decorate on it πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Belly casting

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    Oh my God I think it’s so awesome. I know that you will come up with some great ideas to decorate it😊 have fun . Xoxoxo


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