maternity pics (& update)

soo saw the doc today and im still only 1cm dilated 😦 wahhhh. we took the hospital bags with us in case he told us we needed to go, we really thought i was farther along. i thought all the back pain and hardness of my belly was early labor pain. apparently not. he said she is probably facing out so her throwing her head back is causing all the pain to my back. i’ve been up and down the house all day, trying to do squats to help her. he said i was more effaced than last week but he didn’t give me a %.

but in other news:

we got to see the maternity pics.

and we love them. and they’re beautiful. and i’m glad we took the time to get them done even if i forgot some of the cute poses i wanted us to do.

they really make me want to pick up my camera and take pics like i used to, trying to capture every moment [ i am a scrapbook junkie] but ever since i got an iphone i just don’t use my camera anymore; since i have one on my phone but realistically i don’t even take pics that much. seeing these shots she got inspired me to get back to it. my dress makes me look kinda smaller than i really am but its ok. i can’t wait to get them printed and framed. we really haven’t put up any pics in our new place but i think its also cause we haven’t finished formally unpacking…

just a couple of the pics ❤






5 thoughts on “maternity pics (& update)

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    They are lovely. I also would love to have the first one, if I may. You both look so happy, the only
    way to be. Sooooon there will be an angel to add to the mix. Then, you can have another series
    of pictures. Love to all three of you. XXXXXXXOOOO


  2. amy says:

    Aaaaw the pictures are so sweet! I hope that you got one of him on bended knee kissing your tummy! Enjoy these last 2 weeks of quiet and sleep. Get some rest my loves. Talk to you soon!


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