laundry stain remover

in my efforts to walk up and down the house, i’ve taken it upon myself to also get the house in order, like finish unpacking and getting rid of moving clutter or things we don’t need.

maybe its the nesting kicking in? idk but cleaning has also fallen into this. and laundry. blah laundry. but its a necessary evil and i do love how the clothes feel when they first come out of the dryer.

while doing the laundry i noticed some of the white stuff just wasn’t as white as i wanted. i’ve been meaning for foreverrrrr to try this stain remover that i’ve seen all over pinterest so i figured lets make this concoction and see how well it works. its pretty simple and i didn’t take pics for effect, but it worked to my liking i just need to invest in a laundry brush.


2 parts hydrogen peroxide

1 part blue dawn dish soap

[some baking soda if you want]

and thats it. just mix it up and put it on the stain. one shirt i previously washed at least twice and the stain didn’t move, i put this stuff on and i watched it disappear. some items stuff weren’t stained but they didn’t look as white as i liked so i took a small plastic bin and added hot water to just cover the item and mixed in some of this and let it sit for a few minutes. i wont say that it returned it to stark white like when you first buy it from the store, but it sure did make it look better. (i’ve heard this works for colors too)


3 thoughts on “laundry stain remover

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    This really sounds great I shall try it too, though I have very few white things. If I was still doing
    the sheets I would use it.
    Love you. Are you working at the same time as doing all these things?


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    You are amazing. I think one if these days were going to see your product on the shelves making moneyyyyy😁


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