Where have I been?!

Sooo I was ready to post my 39 week update, had it ready and everything it was just saved as a draft til I saw my doc the next day. But while we were at the docs office he hooked me up to a machine to track baby and to track my contractions. He said I was contracting every minute ! I didn’t believe him, but he said they’d been doing this a long time and the machine doesn’t lie lol. I just wasn’t feeling the pain and wasn’t sure I knew how to track them properly anyway.
He told us we could go get induced that day, like leave his office and go to the hospital. Omg we were so excited. It was kind of overwhelming at first to hear that, Dwight was ecstatic and I started crying. Like it was really happening was all I could think about, the moment we were waiting for was finally there. Our bags had been packed but it hadn’t hit me until that moment and I cried a little, happy tears of course. So we rushed home to get a couple things I left and made our way to the hospital.
That was last Wednesday…
Thursday morning we welcomed our baby girl into the world, and it was ahhhhmazing!
Words can’t describe the feeling, maybe ill post her birth story..
But she’s a week old today and changing every day and getting more and more beautiful it just makes me want to cry.



5 thoughts on “Where have I been?!

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    My darling it was all worth it. You have the most beautiful little girl in the world. I am so proud
    of you. I cannot stop looking at her. Take care of yourself and hope you will soon feel yourself.
    Love all round


  2. Francoise says:

    I read each of your stories and i am waiting for more.

    I had 3 excellent prégnancies With very good and easy deliveries ( now you Know that no such thing exists) but you reminded me of the best moments up to the tears of joy and relief.
    Day by day you are going to become the very best mommy to Bri in the whole world.


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