I did a nursery post a while back. It was more of a sneak peek as we weren’t done putting everything up. We fully intended on having everything done before the little princess arrived but things happen and we didn’t get it finished. Oh well, it’s not like she’s slept in there yet anyway.
Well it’s finally “done” and I wanted to share the pics. It’s kind of a girly safari theme? Lots of cute girlie monkeys and other animals, maybe want to add a couple more wall hangings but this is the gist of it. Ok I lied I do want to add more things but this is progress to have it this far.
We have a rocking chair too which is currently residing in our bedroom.. Actually she has a side in our room, as that’s where she sleeps, and we change her and keep most of the stuff she’s using now. She has two rooms and she’s not even walking yet lol





3 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    my darling it looks lovely. Have you taken her in there to see all the things, to see how she
    reacts? Try it. Love youi


  2. pascale says:

    it looks amazing
    love the combo of dark wood with the pink and green accent. u will keep finding all sorts of cute stuff to put up. pics of her and her with you guys will add sooo much more also.
    you are doing a cery good job in the mommy dept…
    love uuu


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