Birth story

So this post is super late but I wanted a verbal account of her birth story that I could go back and look at.
We went in to the doctor for our routine visit and he was asking all the normal questions. I told him that I felt her movements had maybe slowed down, I wasn’t feeling the wave of kicks as much but maybe it was because she was bigger and didn’t have as much room. Doc hooked me up to a machine to check her heart rate and my contractions. Her heart rate was fine but I was contracting every minute! He said he was gonna send us to the hospital to get induced that day! I started to cry, it was overwhelming, the thing I was waiting for was finally here and it caught me off guard. All the nurses just smiled, told me it was ok and they were so happy for me.
We left the docs office and when we got to the hospital we had to wait to get a room. By the time we got our room my mom had made it in to town, lol it’s funny because she lives almost four hours away. She got our call told her job she had to go and she hit the road!!
I hadn’t dilated anymore so around 4 they inserted a cook balloon (sp?) which consists of two small balloons that they inflate with water to help you dilate. They can stay in for a max of 12 hours, unless they fall out sooner, and generally you come out having dilated to 4-5 cm. it was super awkward trying to walk around the hospital with it in cause the tube that they used to inflate/deflate them was hanging between my legs and of course under those hospital gowns you aren’t wearing anything. They induced me too, to speed things up. I was fine for a while, working through the contractions by taking deep breaths and Dwight and I were taking trips around the hospital IVs in hand trying to help me dilate and efface more.
They checked me and found they could take the balloons out early which was a relief because it meant I dilated enough that I could take an epidural; the contractions had got to be too much. I took the walking epidural and honestly I was way more scared than I needed to be, it hurt worse when the nurse was putting my IV in. After the epidural kicked in I was pretty much flying high, everyone was so sleepy but I was wide awake and ready to walk and talk and hang out. I walked more since I wasn’t in pain and tried to sleep a little.
The contractions got really bad and I needed the full epidural very early Thursday morning. Before they put the catheter in the midwife came in and checked me and told me I was 10 cm dilated and to get ready cause I would be pushing soon.
About a half hour later our baby girl was born, 9:05 am Thursday 7 lb 20 inches with a head full of hair.


3 thoughts on “Birth story

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Hello my darling. So lovely to see your blog with your account of the big day, even though had
    bits and pieces from Mom. What a wonderful experience. Love you and send many kisses to
    the family.


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