work.. whaaaaaa?

what is this word work? and why do i have to hear it? blahh. FMLA says one can take up to 12 weeks off, but unfortunately this is not all paid time and i have bills to pay and a baby to feed. it kind of sucks cause there’s other countries that mandate paid maternity leave for upwards of 100 days [ ex. Russia- 140, Brazil- 120, Australia- 126; all 100% pay.] in the UK they offer 280 days at 90% pay !!! [opens eyes wide] most countries in the world also offer paid paternity leave for the dads. sighh.

i am sad that i have to start back working; me and my baby haven’t bonded enough yet, [ ok yeah she was in my belly for 9 months but thats completely different] . officially i was back in office wednesday and it was so weird and so hard to be away from her for so long. 😦 normally after i feed her in the early morning we go back to sleep until she wakes up hungry again some three hours later, then we watch fresh prince or scooby doo or maybe a little dora the explorer. but wednesday after i fed her i showered, and got ready to see all my coworkers after my approx 7 weeks absence. i felt like bag lady walking in with my pump bag, purse, and laptop bag and i came to realize it will always be like this until i’m done breastfeeding which i don’t want to be anytime soon despite the inconvenience. everyone was surprised to see me and wanted to know how i was and how was baby girl, im good just tired really.

my biggest concern with having to start back work is what to do with my angel. i reallyy reallyyyy realllyyy didn’t want to send her to daycare. none of my siblings, or cousins or anyone went to daycare so young. its pretty much a proven fact that once your child starts daycare you also start the revolving door at the pediatricians office cause your baby is always sick with something. personally it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, if it is any way avoidable. unfortunately we don’t have any family in the area so our options were limited, but i spoke with my boss who has been so very understanding of my situation and worked out a way to work from home as soon of my work doesn’t even require me to be on site. I AM BLESSED, i know most people don’t have this option and this is why daycares even have an infant room to begin with.

now i get to still spend my days with my princess and get to work on my career. 🙂 i do have to go in some days out of the week but it beats having to send her to daycare at such an early age, i mean she’s not even two months old yet. im a lucky lady, thanks be to God.


3 thoughts on “work.. whaaaaaa?

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    You forgot Canada, they give one whole year of maternity paid leave, though they are reconsidering since it is being abused. Some who return after the year are already pregnant
    again, and so it goes on.
    It is hard to have to consider day care at this early age, and it seems you have a very good
    boss. Good for you
    Love you


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    We were so lucky to have had all the help in taking care if our kids that why it is so hard to see you having to go through this. You are handling it very well I am very proud of you because I don’t think I could. Keep up the good work😊 lots of love


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