observations on breast feeding

so as i’m a new mom there’s a lot of things i didn’t know about. breast feeding being one of them, i mean i knew it existed but i didn’t really know about it, you know? well now that i’m a member of the mom club i’ve learned a lot about breast feeding. initially people used to ask if i planned on breastfeeding? um, duh of course i planned on breast feeding. why wouldn’t i provide for my child the way nature intended me to? [ i know this is not an option for some people in certain situations but i was not one of them.] i prepared myself while pregnant by buying a few nursing bras and stocking up on nursing pads and some lanolin. i was tempted to buy a nipple shield because i heard it could be painful but when i got to the aisle i saw different size shields, how was i supposed to know if i was a 20mm or 24 mm? or even a 27 mm?? i left them for a later date.

on to my observations…

1. its special – the first time i fed her, i was just about falling asleep with her in my arms having just brought her into the world but it was special knowing that i was giving her what no one else could. I mean its pretty awesome that I can provide for her naturally.

2. lanolin is awesome. – the first week things were a little rough, we were getting used to each other and it was painful, i cringed everytime she latched because it hurt. it felt like she was chewing them up and they look so battered after :(. i applied the lanolin after every feeding and before showering [why before showering? i don’t know that’s what the tube said] and eventually things got better and now it’s a breeze and i have all but done away with my tube.

3. saves $ – while being super special and totally mind blowing that my body actually produces food to nourish a human being, it saves money on not having to buy formula. and i have heard formula is pricey! plus trying to find the right formula, when my body is sitting here making the exact kind of food my baby needs? um yeah breastmilk all the way.

4. it helps you lose weight – so in the first month i lost a good 28.6 lbs. now i know some of this was her, and the fluids that came out during birth but the rest of it is all thanks to breastfeeding. i will say that it kind of sucked the first week, with the cramps but who is trying to keep the baby belly after pregnancy? [the cramps were HORRENDOUS, i mean i could quite literally feel my uterus contracting as i breast fed, which is good but i’d rather not feel it i just want to know its happening]

5. save up for later – you’re body automatically corrects itself to how much your baby needs based on your feeding patterns. but sometimes your body makes more than your baby wants at the time and you can pump that extra milk and save it for later. if you have a deep freezer you can save it for 6+ months later ! so i’ve been pumping what she doesn’t drink and i now have a nice little stash of milk popsicles in my freezer for times i have to be away from her.

6. breast feeding accessories are pretty amazing – nursing bras aren’t a necessity but it comes in handy to just unclip and pop out and feed. i will say that nursing pads are kind of a requirement. in the beginning i forgot one day and there was a little milk that dried on my skin and when it came time to feed i had to unstick the fabric from my raw nipple and it wasn’t so nice. also when you and your baby oversleep at night and you become engorged and leak all over the bed, it helps to have a nice little pad in between to catch the milk. its almost like a pad/tampon during a period.

7. Sometimes it sucks – now that I’m working it means I have to carry my pump and all its accessories around and it makes for a large and obnoxious extra bag to carry around with me. If you’re lucky there’s a mothers room at your job, if you’re even luckier there’s availability in that room that you can use!
I can’t get a time slot to use the one at my job so I’ve resorted to hogging the handicap bathroom which has led to some spilled milk cause there’s only a tiny shelf and I have a lot if stuff needed to pump.it made me want to cry; this stuff is like liquid gold!
And then when you’re done you have to clean all your pump parts which isn’t always convienient [im on business travel and the mothers room doesn’t have a sink and the bathrooms are not close by] [and at my own job there’s not hot water on my floor]
And if you’re in public and need to pump! I pray for you! At the airport yesterday I asked around for the mothers room and everyone kept pointing me to the family restroom. Yeah well it smelled like pee -___- if you’ve ever had to pump you know it’s a lengthy process, were talking at least 20+ minute between prepping, pumping and packing up. I was not a happy camper.


One thought on “observations on breast feeding

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    My darling. If you ever get tired of being an engineer you could be a best seller author. I just loved this blog. Brings back memories of my first experience at breast feeding with Nounoune. Pain, sweats just knowing you will have to do it again in a couple of hours. And they can chew you to bits, even with no teeth!


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