Post baby body

Soo obviously when a woman becomes pregnant her body goes thru a serious of drastic changes, including the incredible swelling of her life-giving womb. But she has the baby and then what?
I knew that my body wasn’t going to just snap back like a rubber band as soon as I gave birth but I didn’t know what to expect either. Looking at myself in the hospital mirror during my recovery, I still resembled a 5-6 month pregnant version of myself. I asked my doctor if it was ok to start wearing my postpartum band, and let me tell you I wore that thang. The only time I ever took it off was to shower. That combined with the breastfeeding yielded some pretty major results in my eyes and I was happy with my progress each day [which I should have documented with pics] but it didn’t get me back to where I wanted to be, closer but not quite there yet. None of my pants fit except the maternity jeans and sweats I had been wearing.
But I soon came to realize some of those pants may not ever fit again. i was very slim before and I just pushed a big head baby out of my girly parts; my hips were bound to have opened up. If they were never to return to their original state that was fine with me, I don’t mind those curves πŸ™‚
I’m about 12 lbs away from my “pre pregnancy ” weight and i can’t waittttttt to get rid of these handles, hips are one thing, these love handles are a whole other story. I wear body shapers under my clothes because the post partum band got me small enough to where it was no use to me anymore. I plan on doing small at home workouts that will help me lose the baby belly and maybe getting back into yoga and Pilates again.
Another thing I’m not crazy about are these tiger stripes. Although I’ve earned them, I could do without the stretch marks. I had been using a variety of natural things in an effort to get rid of them and just recently decided to combine them all and make my life simple lol. My concoction consists of:
African Shea butter
Palmers cocoa butter
Coconut oil
Aloe gel [that I dissected from an aloe leaf ]
I blended em all together and having been applying at least twice daily. After taking a trip down to the hotel pool yesterday I realized I really want the marks gone.


3 thoughts on “Post baby body

  1. anamonreal19 says:

    The strech marks are permanent, but the do fade an awful lot with time especially since its your first pregnancy. I had a lot of strechmarks with my first and after a year you could barely see them, moisturizing will he[p a lot. It seems you are recovering really quick, my baby will be 5 months next week and I still have a couple pounds to my pre baby body πŸ™‚


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Just was able to open this blog by going to the list of recent blogs and clicking on that. Wlonderful descriptions. Can’t wait for the next episode. Love


  3. Aloun says:

    You should have seen the stretch marks that I had with Domonic! They looked like a black spiders web! In the hospital before he was born all the medical students used to come look at them. After a while they faded to pink then went away all together in a few years. Don’t fret. They will go away with time.


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