meeting the sitter

my job has graciously gifted me with the option of working from  home for a majority of my work week but that still leaves 2x out the week that i need to show my face in office. dwight has been watching her on those days, doing daddy duties but we went and met with a lady yesterday, a potential sitter for those days when i have to go in. i was nervous, we’ve never done this before, it’s not like pet sitting where you just need to feed them and let them out to pee/poop every so often. this is our baby we’re talking about !

we got referred by a lady dwight knows to the woman we met. she has a family and a nice house, where they live with their 3 kids, 16, 13, and 9 years old. so the lady has obviously done some childcare lol. she said she had been watching kids since she was one pretty much, with her younger siblings and later on to her friend’s kids. she does it on an occasional basis, watching them when someone needs to run errands, or maybe go on a date or whatever, but she loves it. she actually just went to the wedding of one of the boys she used to watch. i was just nervous leaving my angel with someone i didn’t know.we talked about what kinds of things she would need from us, i mean our house is baby equipped but what about hers? looking around i noticed she had boxes of toys and a big pile of soft blankets. she said to bring the usual stuff, clothes and diapers and wipes, maybe her car seat in case she needed to go somewhere and Bri was with her. she said she would look into getting a stroller but wouldn’t be taking her anytime soon since it was still so hot outside.

i asked if she wanted to hold our little one, which she commented was being so good 🙂 , and she said of course. i was trying to gauge their reaction to each other, see how she handled her and if this would be a good fit for us, i was content. her two youngest were there and they seemed to be good kids, they wanted to play with Bri too so that made me feel better as well. her husband actually works for the same company as me! what a coincidence. but was there something we should have asked? is there more we should have know before we decide to leave our little love bug with this family?? [advice or insight welcome 🙂 ]


2 thoughts on “meeting the sitter

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    I know how nerve racking this visit must have been. Does she have a playpen or cot where Brielle would be put down in, to be safe? How clean did the house look? If she were to go out in the car with her, she would need a stroller. She could not leave the baby with the eldest to baby sit. Does she have to drop off and pickup her kids from school, baseball or other events? How far is she from where you will be at work? Love you darling


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    It must be a very difficult decision for u guys since we never had to go through that. I would not feel comfortable to leave my child with a complete stranger because no matter what they have no ties to u and ur baby. I personally would prefer the day care for the 2 days where I can monitor up to the minute what is happening. They are qualified and most of all will not be taking ur child for a ride who knows where. That’s my own personal feeling. The safety and well being of ur child is number 1. No price should be put first. Take care of my little angel😍😘


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