Reading the fine print

At my most recent doc appt they asked me what kind of birth control I’d like. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and have been very conscience of the medicine I put in my body since I became pregnant. I didn’t want anything that would affect my little one so they gave me two options: “The pill ” or “the shot ”
The pill is your standard take it every single day at the same time medication. Kinda sucky having to remember to take it EVERY day at the SAME time so I asked for more info about the shot, they told me I’d only have to take it once every three months but some users had reported gaining some weight. umm I’m over here trying to shed this baby weight! But if it was just a couple pounds then maybe I could work out more to keep it off? So I asked for the price difference, they told me they’d send both to the pharmacy so I could see what each would cost and sent me home with a sample pack of the pill…
A month later when my sample was up i finally made my way over to the pharmacy and found that they’d have to refill them since I waited so long lol. Oops!
Before they filled either I asked what the cost would be… $25 for something I’d have to take every single day or $0 for something I’d only need once every three months ?! so pay for something that is inconvenient or not pay for something that i don’t have to worry about but a couple times a year? But that no cost came at a small cost- potential for weight gain which I was trying to avoid.
we left to run errands while I made my decision. I decided to google it, maybe users would report weight gain with the pill too? maybe not that many people reported weight gain with the shot? I turned to the Internet for some answers, and let me tell you, you should ALWAYS read the fine print.
I found that my pill was more expensive because no generic substitute was available yet, but it didn’t seem users reported back any very serious side effects. Good to know.
The shot however had some very alarming findings. First of all, it is noted that it is not meant to be a long term solution for anything, they suggest getting bone density scans done because “women who use depo-provera contraceptive injection may lose significant bone mineral density”. Whatttttttt. While it has the potential to free us women of our monthly gift, because the shot prevents our bodies from creating the lining which falls out every month, reviews from past users state they’ve gained weight (on the low side 5 lbs a year) have crazy manic mood swings, loss of desire, ovarian cysts, excessive growth of hair (sometimes facial!), young women having osteoporosis, abnormal paps, hair loss. Um wtf I was done even considering the drug after reading these kinds of user reviews. I know everyone is different and people have different reactions to different things but I read thru a good number of pages of user reviews and if this drug even has a potential to do those kids of things to me I want no parts of it. no thanks.

I’ll stick to my expensive pill that I have to take every day just for peace of mind of my health.


3 thoughts on “Reading the fine print

  1. pascale says:

    hahahaha even though this is a serious matter you have me in stitches… I have never been a fan of those kind of drugs. It causes more harm than good. I am glad you do your research and can make a wise decision when it comes to your health as Bri will need her mommy with her always.. Love uuuuuuuuu and your mommy needs you around forever……


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    So glad that you do your research. Darling, the pill would be my choice too, but, what it does is’
    change the balance of hormones, so it could also help to put on weight. Be sure to have your checkups regularly. It is the type of pill that you can take the day after? There are so many out
    there. Keep well and love you


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    I am so glad that you took the time to research the different drugs before putting them in your body. I hate taking shots to begin with, so swallowing a pill a day at the same time would be my only choice. They say drinking a glass of water first thing when u wake up is very good for you. That would be a gods habit and easy to remember. Proud of you 😍😘


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