The take over

So me and Bri are slowly but surely taking over the freezer with our milk Popsicles. I pump when I’m at work, and have been trying to pump even after I feed too. I don’t know what’s a good amount to be producing when you have a two and a half month old but she normally only feeds off one so that means I’m using each boobie every other feed. It’s not so much fun as sometimes the one on deck gets firm by the time she’s ready to eat again and they don’t need to feel firm to have milk in there. So I’ve been trying to get on a schedule of pumping, also in the hopes of increasing my supply [did you know you can sell your milk?! I mean why not people sell sperm, blood, even their eggs! I found a Craigslist for selling/buying breastmilk called ]
with my increase in pumping and my main way of feeding her as still putting her means im not exactly using what i store so i have a growing little stash and a diminishing freezer space.
I’m currently looking into getting a deep freezer. Which means I could also prepare lots of dinners to freeze and slow cook on lazy days ! Looking like a win win all around.




2 thoughts on “The take over

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Yes, you should contact a reputable place to sell your milk. There are many mothers who do not have the advantage you have of having a good supply. You can only keep it for a certain time anyway, why not help another baby get strong and healthy. I am sure it would be a blessing for someone, or more than one person. Love you


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I have heard of it on tv, but I would consult with the hospital for a reputable place and local so that they are kept frozen all the time. The hospital may even need it who knows. Lots of love


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