in those jeans

so i previously posted about my post-pregnancy body and i was super happy about losing almost 30 lbs in less than 2 months, actually i think i lost most of the weight in the first month. i love the skin i’m in but i was also still not quite at the stage where all my old clothes fit me again. so much fun going thru your closet and realizing you have nothing to wear because you can’t fit what’s there. [ insert stale face. ]
i never realized how many sheer-ish shirts i had til i had a post-baby belly that i was trying to cover! And when you have jeans upon jeans upon jeans that you can’t get up your thighs well, i knew i still had a little ways to go, or maybe i was just destined for a different wardrobe now that i was a mom, and had the tiger stripes to show for it?
i’ve kept most of my clothes in the event that i might fit some of them again, maybe not the smaller tighter jeans that i once wore, but the ones that i could fit my now “wider mommy-made hips” into…

Well there’s nothing like the feeling of fitting into those once favorite pair of jeans that got too tight to fit, but were too special to let go. i’m talking about that one pair that you always wore because they seemed to fit you JUST RIGHT and go with just about anything you wear, yeah those. well i fit them today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cue some music so i can do a happy dance !

and i didn’t need to hop around to get them on, or lay down to button them up, or lunge through the house to get them loose enough for me to breathe. i just decided to try them on to see where im at, and voila! they fit. and they still look gooood too. ❀ successssssssssssss

and i haven’t been able to really get a good workout in either,just small little workouts around the house. couple of lunges a day, some abs/crunch exercises, other leg exercises that you can do while standing in front of the stove cooking dinner. nothing too over the top since i know my body is still in a state of recovery, but also something small to let my body know we aren’t just going to go and get all flabby now that we’ve had a baby.

i’ve also made some changes to my diet (and d’s too lol) including cutting out rice and a lot of pasta. [i didn’t cut them entirely i just can’t remember when was the last time i’ve cooked them] instead its a salad with every dinner and veggies to go with whatever protein is on the menu for the night. speaking of veggies i made these awesome little spinach and feta puff pastries last night, post to come on that later!


4 thoughts on “in those jeans

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Wonderful. You will eventually get back your figure, believe me. It does not happen overnight.
    Keep up the good diet, especially the veggies. Try eating more fruit also. If you do eat bread
    try the bakery bread, such as the Italian 5 grain, or multigrain. The aisle with the packaged bread should always be avoided. Think of Skyler and his project – seeing how long bread would take to mold. In 28 days outside it never molded!!!
    Love you


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    It’s all about breast feeding. Glad you are able to keep it up. You are doing good keep up the diet and drink lots of water.😍😘


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