spinach and feta puff pastries

i bought feta cheese the other day in an effort to be diverse in my cooking. i made lemon feta chicken with tomates the other night and that was pretty good. but i still had more feta and more ideas of what to do with it. so i decided on spinach feta puff pastries.

what i used:


1 sheet puff pastry

1 clove garlic

minced onions

feta cheese

onion powder, salt, pepper, whatever other seasoning

olive oil


(oven set to 400)

so i cut the puff pastries into little squares and put them on a floured baking sheet. [is floured a word? i put flour on the sheet lol]

i threw some olive oil in a pan and let the garlic and onions saute for a little, just til they were almost brown, then i threw the spinach in. i let them get a little wilted and put some seasoning on them.
[ i thought maybe i should of cut the spinach up before i cooked them since i was making a filling, good things to remember for next time i guess. ]


i put the cooked spinach in a bowl and mixed in some feta cheese to the filling. then i spooned little amounts of filling onto corners of my squares.
i folded these over to make little triangle puffs, and used a fork to close the edges.
i brushed egg over the puffs to make that beeautifulll golden color while they cooked, which was about 15-20 minutes long.


they were amazing. and they are gone so i guess ill have to make more lol.

for the future:

maybe i’ll add in more to the filling next time; potatoes or eggs in the filling or maybe bacon! (turkey bacon of course)[ bacon seems to make everything better]


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