4 mos update

my baby girl is 4 months ! so whats new with her?

she is still drinking breast milk (at least 4 oz every feed)

she is sometimes almost sleeping thru the night (ill put her down around 10-11 and she’ll wake up at 6 am- these days are the hardest for me cause ill end up just getting ready for work at that time which makes my days seem so long), sometimes she is still waking up more during the night though like the other night where she decided to wake up every 2 hours 😦

she has found her toes ! they aren’t in her mouth yet but her little hands are grabbing them constantly and if i put her down for a sec her socks sometimes end up not on her toes

she is trying to talk… lol, i guess thats what we’ll call it. it sounds like little baby “screaming” ? i don’t know how to describe but she definitely thinks she’s holding a conversation, and who am i to say she’s not?

she smiles whenever she sees herself in the mirror ❤

she is definitely teething, but not the painful fussy stage yet. it’s mostly just the drool everywhere, everything in the mouth stage.

not quite sitting up yet, but if she holds my hands we can get a sitting position for a couple secs


she is 15 lb 8 oz !! and 25 in 🙂

and she has graduated to trying rice cereal. the first few days she was not digging the spoon business. but the last two times i tried feeding her she was actually trying to swallow. cutest thing ever watching her try to move her tongue in a chewing/swallowing motion ❤


2 thoughts on “4 mos update

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Not sure if you are giving the cereal with the last feed, but you should try that, it will satisfy her more. Also, she should be taking more than four ounces at each feed. Am surprised she gained
    and grew so much on only 4 each feed. She should be on four hourly feeds now. But Momma
    surely knows best.
    Love you soooooooooooooo much


  2. Amy says:

    These are the best of times! She is growing an developing just right! Continue to talk to her in your normal voice– no baby talk. Auntie Arryn will show her the ropes of full sentences before 2! LOL
    Looking forward to new pictures! We can’t wait to meet her!


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