eating solids

so in my last post i mentioned that my little munchkin was eating rice cereal. at first she was really not digging the whole spoon business; if it wasn’t the boob or the bottle she wasn’t having it. but maybe the 4th time she was really trying to eat. it melted my heart like you have no idea, just watching her get so excited for the spoon to get to her mouth and moving her little tongue trying to eat.<3 ❤ she is now at the point where she is almost trying to feed herself; she keeps grabbing the spoon and sometimes i have to fight to get it back lol she has a good grip. they also tell me at the daycare that she pretty much holds the bottle by herself, they propped her on a pillow in their lap and she may drop it a couple times but she’s doing great in holding it on her own…

 sooo i busted out the baby bullet this weekend that i have been dying to use and started blending up some baby goodies. why buy baby food when you can make your own that tastes wayyyy better?

i tried her on green apples this past friday (today is sunday) and her face was absolutely PRICELESS. of course i love me some green apples but it didn’t occur to me that she might think they are a little sour compared to what she’s accustomed to. so saturday and today i’ve been doing rice cereal and apples together and it has worked out quite nicely. she seems so excited to eat and im happy to try and make other good stuff for her. i made her some sweet potato today that i will trying her on this week and then next up- bananas!

but of course with this new change in diet comes a new change in poop; color and smell, sigh lol


3 thoughts on “eating solids

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    How cute I remember those days, they are so precious. You should have a movie camera in the back to tape all the funny and weird faces that they make when they taste something new. I’m sure your mom already told you but take time with all the new foods that you are giving her as some she may be allergic to. The only way to know is to give the body time to absorb. And also for you to pin point which one she cannot have. Hopefully she’s not allergic to anything and can eat it all. Glad you are able to use the bullet. Awesome job. 😍😘


  2. Granny says:

    How wonderful. She really is something. I remember Skyler at 4 or 5 months feeding himself, and
    not happy if i wanted to help.. Brielle is very advanced for her age, of course, college did help her lol


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