5 month update

so my 4 month update was a little late, but that doesnt mean my 5 month one has to be too!

my love muffin is eating solids, as you can tell per my previous post. i tried her with sweet potato on monday of this week and she did great, and then last night i did banana. i really intended to do avocado but the one i have isn’t ready for consumption, sigh. i do love avocado. sidenote: i saw this funny picture about avocados which is sooo true :

she’s laughing more now! sometimes its when i tickle her tummy, or sometimes its when i kiss her feet, sometimes when i play peek a boo. i saw sometimes cause sometimes it works and other times she just kind of gives me that look like ok mom im over it.

im noticing a change in her feeding schedule. and no i dont mean because im feeding her solids, which she does really seem to be enjoying. im starting to notice that she isn’t always eating every 3 hours, sometimes she’s going 4-5 hours and that’s ok. still waking up in the night though.

she is doing better with sitting up. with help of my holding my hands, she sits up for little stretches and looks around before deciding she needs to lie down lol. and she LOVES when i hold her up in a standing position, she smiles and stretches her little legs as if she’s trying to walk out of my grip.

still on the bath at night with the lavender lotion and soap routine, to help her get to sleep. [she loves when i set her down and get her ready for bath time, i havent quite figured out why yet but i adore her shining smiling face anyway.] im finding it easier to get her to sleep at night which is good, because before she’d be up and bright-eyed at 11, 12 am with me straining to stay awake trying to put her to sleep.

she’s not spitting up anymore. there’s an occasional little one here or there but i noticed this month, and last month that it’s almost nonexistent. yay! i can stop bringing my own change of clothes when we go out.

she LOVES when i lay on my back with my legs together knees bent in the air and i put her on her belly on my shins. [that may be a little hard to read at first but it makes sense in my head to best describe it as such] she smiles the whole time and laughs and i call it our little flying adventures.



One thought on “5 month update

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    Bravo girl! What a lovely blog. I am so glad that you are not feeding B baby food, they are so bland
    and blaugh! I used to cook for you at that age. And I used to mix vegs and a little bit of breast of
    chicken, carrots, spinach, peas and potato or spaghetti, a splash of garlic or onion. It was so yummy I would eat whatever was left over. Sweet potato and avocado sound good. Is this making
    you eat more vegs? Love and kisses. I can just picture you with her flying on your lower legs, lots
    of fun


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